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#bumbleabout in Norfolk with Bumble Campers.

Leicester, UK
I've had quite a few camping experiences since beginning my blog, including the experience of sleeping on the floor of a muddy field for a festival. I also gave Glamping a go too (most recently with Podpads)! Next on the list was to try my hand at Campervanning and what better way to do it in style with Bumble Campers. I was curious to see how my camping experiences had compared and whether Campervans are the ideal thing for me when it comes to taking weekend adventures. 

Based in Peterborough and Manchester, these fun Bumble Bus campervans not only come with affordable hire prices but almost everything you need for your road trip, touring or festival. And let's face it, if you're anything like me then you probably forget something every time.

We picked up our 2 Seater 2 Sleeper Campervan for a weekend break in Norfolk. It was only an hour away from their base in Peterborough so it was easy to pick up and get back on the road to our destination for the weekend. The team at Bumble also make it incredibly quick and easy to get you out on the road and onto your adventure, but of course, give you a great lowdown of your camper van and everything you can use before you go.

The interior has plenty of space for storage so that you can organize all your gear while you're camped up. During the day you have a large folded futon acting as a sofa which can be laid flat in the night for sleeping on. It's really easy to move and become a bed in the evening, a lot easier and comfortable as I had expected. At the rear, you have a cooking and prep area with a countertop, built in sink with water supply and waste, fridge and camping stove. Not forgetting a huge bonus to this van was their onboard power available - meaning we could charge our phones overnight safely! There is also a small tub full of some essentials to get you started, including mugs and pans. This allows you take care of all of your immediate needs without going too far. We loved the entire practicality of the design, it enabled us to do a lot of stuff in one place whilst camping and the design is well suited to a camping adventure.

The appearance of this camper alone attracted a lot of attention in our site and we got into a regular conversation about it with people who loved seeing how practical it was!

The ingenious behind the camper is the use of space and materials; the board which supports the futon at night doubles as a folding table to assemble at the back of the van when you're eating, the front seats become a great place for storing unneeded items when not travelling, all in all, it just makes a great use of the space available to it. There was a downside to this in that

At night it's cosy even when the temperature drops meaning you never get too cold, provided you've brought a thick enough duvet! We were also provided with a small electrical heater which after 10 minutes of being on made our van incredibly cosy and held the heat in well. It was just what we needed when travelling in the Autumn.

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If you think you won't be getting much sleep because it's quite bright in the van during the day, you are provided with blackout material to put on the windows. It definitely allowed us to feel safe and gave us some privacy.

The vans are automatic drive, so if you've not had the experience driving them before it can be a bit of a challenge! But once you're used to it, it's not nearly as bad and can be incredibly helpful if you're driving long distances (the cruise control is another brilliant feature for long distances! Make use of it!). The biggest, most jarring difference would have to be the steering column shifter though, having never used one before it definitely threw me the first few attempts at shifting.

The actual control isn't bad, they're big, heavy and wide, so you need to be careful parking and taking them around corners, but not bad once you've taken them a few miles and gotten a feel for it. Just don't expect to be firing off the line when you put your foot down!

We had a fantastic experience with Bumble Campers. We loved being able to sit out of the back of the van drinking a beer and playing a board game during the afternoon than at night get all snuggled up with a film. There is a wifi dongle available in the car, we didn't need to use ours but that is available should you need it. Personally, the opportunity to have some time away from internet access at the weekend was refreshing.

I'd highly recommend one of the Campervans from Bumble for your next adventure. They're affordable, really practical and the team are incredibly helpful (especially if you're using a campervan for the first time). We're already deciding on an adventure with the help of Bumble Campers in 2019, we loved it that much we'll definitely be using campervans in the future!

You can find out more about Bumble Campers on their website here.

If you enjoyed reading this post then you may enjoy reading about my Glamping Experience with Podpads*. 

*Collaboration with Bumble Campers. A Campervan was hired to me for the weekend in return for a blog review and social coverage. All words and photos are my own and not influenced by the company I'm working with. 


  1. Oh wow, this is the best idea ever. I've always wanted a camper, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to try one. Now I just need to find a travel buddy haha!

    1. It does doesn't it, they're so affordable too?! x


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