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14 Places to Visit in the UK in 2019.

Leicester, UK
If you are a regular reader of my blog you'll know that last January I had a post entitled "8 Places To Visit in the UK in 2018", which acted like my UK travel bucket list for the year. I managed to only visit 2 or 3 places out of the 8, so I'm determined to be more proactive in my travels this year and get booking some weekend adventures to the 14 places on this list.

The more research I do about places to visit in the UK, the more I realise how many incredible places there are to see right on our doorsteps. Every time I leave the comfort of Leicestershire countryside my breath is taken by all of the beautiful cities and towns, islands and countryside, and there's still so much left for me to discover.

Hopefully, my list will inspire your trips around the UK this year and without further ado, here are the 14 Places to Visit in the UK in 2019.

1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh has been on my bucket list for places to visit for YEARS and I'm determined to make 2019 the year I make it up there. Edinburgh is filled to the brim with things to do, sights to see and experiences to be had. It has well over a thousand years of rich cultural history and magical history too for those hardcore Harry Potter fans! I'd love to head up to Edinburgh in the summer for Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

I love the vast variety of things that Edinburgh has to offer and I've taken a lot of inspiration from the blog Hand Luggage Only who have a fantastic post "14 Best Things To See In Edinburgh". Not only would I want to experience all the Harry Potter locations but watching the sunset from Arthur's Seat and enjoy some tasty Scottish food too!

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2. Bath

Bath has attracted many visitors over the years and it's no surprise when some of it's most popular attractions are the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and the honey-coloured Georgian streets. Bath is also jam-packed with lots of places to eat, independent shops, museums, galleries, and spas. There is something for everyone in this beautiful town in the South-West of England.

I've been drawn to Bath ever since my favourite YouTuber family, The Michalaks moved here. I love seeing snippets of the town in their content and it's made me want to spend a weekend there. I am most definitely certain that I'll love this city when I visit. I'd also love to experience Bath during their award-winning Christmas Market, which looks amazing!

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3. The Cotswolds.

The Cotswolds is another one of those places that has been on my list for years, in fact, last year we had it all planned to visit one of the villages on my birthday in the summer.  Unfortunately, we were rained off last minute and were unable to make it there. I have already started planning an Easter escape here and loved some inspiration from A Lady in London with her post, The 13 Prettiest Villages to Visit in the Cotswolds.

Every bit about the Cotswolds appeals to me. It contains lots of natural beauty and some of the villages I'd like to visit here are Painswick, Chipping Campden and Castle Combe.
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4. Liverpool

Liverpool is one of my favourite cities in the UK, so much so I've visited it twice! I don't have many snaps from those visits and it's definitely the year I'll be returning and embracing it all. The city boasts more museums and galleries than any other UK city outside of London, the architecture is quite something, there are more parks than in Paris and it has an atmosphere like no other. 

Of course whilst you are in Liverpool you'll be swept along the Beetles fever and I would absolutely recommend the Magical Mystery Tour whilst your there! A 2-hour tour of Beetle Liverpool that will leave you wanting to spend the rest of your night in the Cavern Club. Culture fans will also love a visit to the British Music Experience that provides an interactive, immersive look at how British music has shaped the world. I'd highly recommend that you head over to the Albert Dock where you can enjoy great food and drink as well as a wander around. Next time I have plenty to do on my list including checking out Bold Street and it's thriving nightlife.

I got some amazing tips for my next trip to Liverpool from reading "Best Things To Do In Liverpool" thanks to Bridges and Balloons. 

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5. Birmingham 

I visit Birmingham quite a lot for press nights at their incredible theatre, Birmingham Hippodrome (they have a fantastic programme for 2019 you should check out!) as well as others, but other than that I've only visited Birmingham for the quick trip or two. So in, 2019 I'd like to really discover more about Birmingham especially as I know it has lots to offer in Culture, Food and will be hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games. It's a really fantastic time to see more of Birmingham.
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Some of the things I'd like to do in Birmingham is to explore the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and find some spots for food from independent businesses. There are 12 of the Best Things to Do in Birmingham from Hand Luggage Only if you need more inspiration! 

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6. London

I've visited the capital on many occasions over the years and it's not the same if I don't make a couple of visits again this year. I've got so much more I'd like to see in London this year and I definitely want to see more West End shows! London is full of fun things to do and see, some of my favourites are trips to the Tower of London, Portobello Road and Camden Market! What I love the most about this city is that there's always something new and just as exciting to discover. Whatever the season too! 
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7. Oxford

I visited Oxford two years ago and it's still one of my favourite places in the UK. Recently I've been watching Eve Bennett's weekly vlogs because she's currently at the university there and now I want to go back more than ever. Oxford is only an hour away from London and is filled with beautiful college buildings, world-class museums, famous bookshops, lively pubs, charming cobbled streets and loads of literary/film connections (and I'm not just talking about Harry Potter!). It has loads to offer not only for a day's trip but a perfect weekend getaway from London. 

I'd love to take a tour of the colleges, the Museum of Natural History, check out the Harry Potter filming locations and take a wander around the gorgeous streets throughout the city. Oxford is really quite something to see for yourself! Sarah has a fantastic blog post '10 Things To Do in Oxford' over on her blog! 
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8. Bristol

I've only ever passed through Bristol after another holiday I had years ago so in 2019 I'd like to visit it properly. Bristol is known as one of the UK's most creative and exciting cities right now! In 2017 it was named the best place to live in Britain and by reading more and more about what it has to offer, I can see why! It has an exciting food scene to cultural events for everyone to enjoy. It's the home place of Banksy and drum and bass too! There's rich history cemented in the streets of this city and it's surrounded by the hills of South-West England, giving you the perfect countryside escape without leaving the city. 

Some of the things I'd really like to check out whilst here are the city's street art, Clifton Village and check out Bristol's harbourside. If you want to get some great tips for visiting Bristol, Victoria from Bridges and Balloons is a fantastic local guide for your visit.  

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9. Cornwall

The last time I visited Cornwall was for a family holiday many years ago to Newquay, although I've also remembered a trip to the Eden Project with my ex-boyfriend and his family. Therefore, I need a seaside town fix this year and I'm pretty sure Cornwall is just the ticket! 

Cornwall is located on England's rugged southwestern tip. There's wild moorland and hundreds of sandy beaches to explore! On the south coast, there are some gorgeous picturesque harbour villages such as Fowey and Falmouth. Whilst on the north coast it is lined with towering cliffs and seaside resorts like Newquay, known for surfing. There's so much I want to see in Cornwall and the amount to see is almost overwhelming! So, the tourism board Visit Cornwall is a great help with their site full of tips and blogs to help you plan a fantastic visit to this place! 

What Stacy Did has a fantastic guide of the Most Beautiful Villages in Cornwall too! 

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10. Belfast

If you are new to the blog you won't know that my boyfriend is actually from Northern Ireland and so I have visited Belfast. I'd love to revisit in 2019 and see more of the city. The city has a fantastic nightlife, one of my favourite pubs was the Duke of York. This traditional Belfast bar is nestled along a narrow cobbled alleyway and crammed with original mirrors and memorabilia. There's a really great vibe in there and there's other bars in that alleyway as well as the surrounding streets. 

One of the things I'd really like to explore nearby the city this year is the Giant's Causeway. North of Belfast, around an hour and 20 minutes is the great wonders of the Giant's Causeway. Around 40,000 hexagonal shaped basalt columns down by the water are a result of volcanic activity millions of years ago and it looks spectacular. I'd love to check this out for myself!
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11. Norwich

I ventured towards the Norfolk area in 2018 on a camping trip but never managed to squeeze in a trip to Norwich whilst we were there. Norwich is just two hours by train from London and around 90 minutes from where I'm based. The city is full of history and medieval churches for you to discover. 

Some of the things I'd like to do whilst I'm there include a trip to the gorgeous Norwich Cathedral, the Norwich Castle Museum, the markets and the Wensum Riverside Walk which provides a super way of getting to know Norwich. The Crazy Tourist has some fantastic tips for a trip to Norwich with her 15 Best Things To Do In Norwich blog post. 

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12. Isle of Skye

Should I venture up to Scotland and Edinburgh this year I'd love to also discover another one of Scotland's gems, the Isle of Skye. The Isle of Skye is located in the Outer Hebrides just off the mainland in northwestern Scotland. It's not the easiest of places to get to - from Edinburgh it's a 5-6 hour drive on an assortment of roads, including small two-lane roads in the Highlands. However, it looks worth it! It's definitely a trip to enjoy the great outdoors and breath in some natural beauty. 

Some of my favourites for a trip here taken from This Is My Happiness includes a drive around the Trotternish Peninsula loop. Not forgetting whilst on this loop to visit Kilt Rock, named for the basalt columns that mimic the shape of the folds of a kilt. There is also a walk at Loch Sligachan, with its breathtaking views and lots of fairy legends are on Skye too! If you love the great outdoors and good hikes then the Isle of Skye would be right up your street and this is definitely something I'm enjoying more of. 

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13. Jurassic Coast

I'd really like to head to Southern England in 2019 and one particular place I want to explore is the Jurassic Coast. The coast itself stretches an incredible 96 miles from East Devon to Dorset. The Jurassic Coast is named as one of the natural wonders of the world and the entire coastline offers you incredible views of dramatic landscape and rock formations. There's a lot for you to see along the coastline including the Durdle Door, a famous natural limestone arch in Dorset. Also on my list is The Fossil Forest, Golden Cap and Charmouth Beach which was recently nominated as one of the UK's five best beaches in 2017.

I'd love to escape here and thanks to Journey with Chloe she's shared the Top 21 Sights Along Jurassic Coast, although I'm sure there are loads more!

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14. Stratford-Upon-Avon

I had a brief visit to Shakespeare Country on New Year's Eve when we went to see A Christmas Carol at the RSC  and whilst I am definitely excited to see more productions in that theatre, I also want to explore the best of this place. If you enjoy the history of Shakespeare then it's full to the brim as Stratford-Upon-Avon is his birthplace and you can see it for yourself as it's close to the centre of town. There's a fantastic Hop-On Hop-Off bus service for you to get a real tour of this beautiful city. 

There's loads of beautiful buildings, places to eat and stay in the city so it won't disappoint. I reckon it would be best enjoyed in the summer too where you can side on the canalside and enjoy your lunch. 

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That sums up my 14 Places to Visit in the UK in 2019, definitely let me know any more recommendations because I'd love to fill my diary with trips! 

Will you be heading on any trips around the UK this year? 


  1. I love all these places that you've mentioned, especially Liverpool. I live pretty close to there so I get to visit often and I love it!


    1. Liverpool is gorgeous! I wish I lived closer to it, it's a fantastic city! Fingers crossed I'll be there soon! xx

  2. So many great cities! Look forward to seeing which ones get ticked off the list!


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