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REVIEW | Avenue Q UK Tour.

Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham B5 4DS, UK

Avenue Q UK Tour
The Alexandra, Birmingham

Avenue Q is a musical with a comeback after it's last UK tour in 2014, and boy hasn't it made its presence known in the theatre! Nothing can prepare you for a night with the off-the-wall characters who reside in a run-down dilapidated and slightly more realistic version of Sesame Street that is Avenue Q.   

Based on a narrative drawn from the thoughts, attitudes, hang-ups and experiences of the co-creators Jeff Marx and Bobby Lopez, it has been an enormous hit since it burst onto the West End in June 2006. With over a decade under their belt, you most definitely join the 12 unique characters on discovering their purpose. You will definitely notice the similarities between some of the characters, including Trekkie Monster and Lucy the Slut. There's a lot to experience in a couple of hours and you are right in the heart of the action. 

Producers Selladoor have done a cracking job in boasting an incredibly strong cast and puppet design by Paul Jomain, known for working with Jim Henson Company and even the PG Tips Monkey! The leads of the show double up with the puppet characters and all are transparent in delivering without any difficulty. Lawrence Smith who plays Princeton/Rod and Cecily Redmen as Kate Monster/Lucy The Slut execute superb performances. There are times in the show where they don't leave the stage for a long duration and they were consistent in their delivery of the narrative, as well as creating their characters. Redmen was beautiful in her rendition of 'There's A Fine, Fine Line' which made for a real moving close to Act 1.  

Collectively the cast is flawless and has been well rehearsed for the show. I admired how they were able to translate and really bring to life their puppets by using their own combination of expression and body language. Although you do fleet from puppet to artist during the show, it doesn't distract you from the narrative. Trekkie Monster really does bring the house down in laughter with his impeccable comedy liners. Behind him is Tom Steedon and Megan Armstrong who work together perfectly in unison when bringing the most outrageous character in the show to life. 'The Internet is For Porn' will be stuck in my mind forever. 

Not all of the characters are muppets and without Saori Oda, Nicholas Mclean and Oliver Stanley I am positive a lot of the humour would be lost. 

Avenue Q is definitely up there as one of the funniest shows I have ever seen - we were really laughing out loud! Parts of the musical are jaw-dropping and you probably won't be able to look at The Muppets in the same way anymore. The production and casting levels are top notch from Selladoor and it will definitely make for a great night out - just for the adults! 
It's filthy but an incredible piece of theatre, it definitely needs to come with its own age restrictions! 

Don't miss Avenue Q at The Alexandra, Birmingham until 16 February. You can also find out where the show is near you by visiting the tour website here.


  1. OMG! I remember seeing this at the theatre when I used to live in London like maybe 8-10 years ago? It was very funny. I wont mind see it again. I am glad you enjoy it too .


    1. It's a fantastic musical isn't it? I couldn't believe how funny it was! xx

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