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INTERVIEW | Sam Lavery discusses the Intense, Powerful and Captivating 10th Anniversary Tour of American Idiot.

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The groundbreaking Tony Award-winning musical American Idiot is back for a special 10th-anniversary tour across the UK. Joining the cat is XFactor 2016 finalist Sam Lavery.

American Idiot is the story of three boyhood friends, each searching for meaning in a post 9/11 world. The original show premiered in December 2009 and features the music of multi-Grammy award winning band Green Day. This story of youthful disillusion and mistrust of society and government has ever been more current; particularly with the modern parallels in the USA where school children have mobilised to form an impressive campaign for gun law reform. I caught up with Sam to chat about her role in the 10th Anniversary and her transition from being in a popular TV show to the stage. 

Photo Credit: Mark Dawson Photography

"Before this tour I was on XFactor 2016 and since then my music journey has been incredible! I was lucky enough to go on the arena tour with the show and after that release my own music, do my own tours and grow as an artist," says Sam, "This tour is partially special for me because it's so different to what I've ever done before and it's a new challenge which makes it all so exciting and I'm learning so much all the way".

"She's full of girl power and I love that!"

Lavery plays the "fierce and feisty" Whatsername in the production. "I'm loving the opportunity to develop and get into my character. She comes across quite flirty and shy at first but there's a real edge to her. She's full of girl power and I love that!"

The American Idiot has been in rehearsals for a good few months now and the show has only been officially opened for around 4/5 weeks. "You can now really see how the characters are changing and we are becoming more into our roles," says Lavery.

Photo Credit: Mark Dawson Photography

Photo Credit: Mark Dawson Photography 

The production is known for the portrayal of strong politic themes and for Sam Lavery she "loves the power of it as a whole. It really makes you want to stand up for what you believe in. Whatever that may be. It gives you a lot of inner fight and strength whether you are watching the show or are involved in it".
"It really makes you want to stand up for what you believe in. Whatever that may be. "
The soundtrack for the musical is just as iconic and as Lavery says "the songs carry the show itself. They are full of power and movement. As soon as the first song starts the fire lights in all of us and there's no stopping until the end! It's incredible the impact these songs can have on people instantly."

"Letterbomb is definitely my favourite number in the show as it's my main track. It's also a part where all of the girls come on stage together and really show that female power".

American Idiot is a musical full of power and voice. "You will personally feel like you've been through that journey with us feeling every single emotion".

Don't miss American Idiot at Leicester's newly refurbished theatre Leicester Haymarket between 26 Feb - 2 March. You can book your tickets by visiting their website


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