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REVIEW | The Comedy About A Bank Robbery.

60 Rutland St, Leicester LE1 1SB, UK
Photo Credit: Robert Day
The Comedy About A Bank Robbery 
Curve Theatre

Mischief Theatre has had phenomenal sell-out success with their multi-award-winning comedy The Play That Goes Wrong and this time they're back on the road with their latest smash hit, The Comedy About A Bank Robbery which is now enjoying its third year in London's West End too! Myself and Jordan are huge fans of their work and thoroughly enjoy getting our yearly fix of the company's latest productions so we couldn't wait to see what we would think this time around.

Their previous work, The Play That Goes Wrong, is solely based around theatre-related mishaps in the form of slapstick comedy whereas this new show is more ambitious, it contains more complicated comedy staging and acting that must be correct to be effective. But they certainly manage to pull that off with this production!

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery centres around a Canadain gang who plot to steal a gem from a Minneapolis bank in the style of a 50s Hollywood comedy. Any readers familiar with the comedy styling of Abbott and Costello, an American comedy duo, would immediately recognize the same themes and style of comedy with fast-paced humorous wordplay that will have your head spinning while leaving you breathless from laughter.

Read more: Interview with Co-Writer and Mischief Theatre Company Director Jonathan Sayer.

Photo Credit: Robert Day

Photo Credit: Robert Day

The script is excellently written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields who managed to squeeze in a fantastic variety of comedic styles into a 2hour 30-minute production. The company have certainly pulled out all of the stops with this show; not only is there sight gags, callbacks and physical slapstick throughout, there's also a thrilling and darling incentive behind it that brings on the unexpected. One of the highlights being an astonishing perspective gag in which the actors remain vertical but are suddenly seen from above. So much of the production brought on thunderous laughter and the audience didn't have an age-specific which shows how many people enjoy Mischief Theatre's work.

The storyline flows well, although quite quick, you do not get lost in the thrill and humour of it.

Photo Credit: Robert Day

The cast of 9 is exceptional in executing the comedic timings within the script and absolutely drawn in the audience's attention so nothing is missed. What was great was that 2 people within the cast are embarking on their professional debut within this tour and are excellent actors. A massive nod to George Hannigan who took on the role of Everyone Else and did such a great job in portraying such an array of different characters, all of which were well received by the audience.

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery was a fantastic production with a lottery of fun, it'll be a crime to miss out on it during it's UK Tour. You can find out more and book your tickets here.

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