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𝘼𝘿 |Degustabox March 2019 Review.

Leicester, UK
I am a huge lover of SNACKS and so Degustabox* is right up my street! Degustabox is an incredibly popular food and drinks monthly subscription box that enables its customers to try something new to the market!

For £12.99 per month including FREE delivery you can obtain 10 to 15 products in your box, all a surprise too! You never know what to expect from your Degustabox but it makes it all the more exciting when you are scheduled to receive your latest box. 

I was kindly gifted the March Degustabox which had a Spring and Easter vibe to it! The box arrived in good timing and in excellent condition, care has clearly been taken into getting the products safely to their customers. It was wrapped just like a present and I couldn't wait to see what I'd be trying! 

In this box we had 13 different products to try and there was definitely a few brands I hadn't heard of before, as well as a gifted product thrown  In your Degustabox you are also provided with information on each individual product. 

In my Degustabox was these products;
Although we've had the contents of this box for a month, we haven't been able to sample all of the products! Most of them are ideal for little trips away or as an added extra to your snacks at work. I did definitely find some favourites amongst this box though that I'd like to share with you.

Green & Black's Praline and Truffle Bars - these were delicious! A moment of indulgence that I enjoyed with a cup of tea after work! It's given me a new love for dark chocolate and I loved the texture of the shell and the smooth centres. I was pleasantly surprised by this chocolate and it's definitely something I would purchase for myself from the shop.

Weetabix On The Go Strawberry - If you're like me, sometimes you need a quick breakfast in the morning because you are running late and these Weetabix on the go products are perfect for that! The delicious breakfast drink contains lots of energy (from iron), fibre and protein that makes it such a convenience for a busy morning. Not usually a fan of strawberry flavoured products, this really surprised me with how much flavour it managed to contain!

Forest Feast Milk Chocolate Mango & Coconut Fruit Balls - my absolute favourite product of this box so far without a doubt! The soft bite-sized balls of exotic dried mango blended with tropical coconut and covered in Belgian Milk Chocolate went down an absolute treat! The texture and flavour of this product completely took me by surprise - they were so tasty and something I would like to purchase asap!

Ballymaloe Original Relish - is fantastic for a whole range of things like burgers, french fries, cold meats, cheese, sausage rolls or served with light meals like a toastie! The rich tomato flavour makes it an extremely versatile product with a bang of flavour you'd want from a relish! The relish is made using all-natural ingredients, gluten free and is also suitable for vegans. I thoroughly enjoyed this product with a ham and cheese toastie (of which the recipe was provided in my Degustabox!) 

Jubel Alpine is a refreshing beer discovered in the Alps. Alpine combines a lively larger with the zest of fresh ripe peaches. The larger is naturally infused, gluten-free and suitable for vegans. Jubel Alpine with Peach was incredibly refreshing and would make the perfect drink now the days are slightly warmer!

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of the products provided to me by Degustabox and it's something I would encourage people to explore more about.

[AD] Collaboration with Degustabox. Receive boxes in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by the company. 


  1. I ordered a degustabox on a promo and i was pretty dissapointed with the contents, most of it i gave to the food bank.

    1. I'm really sorry about that Daniel. We've managed to use 80% of each box but I know what you mean, some of the products aren't for everyone. x


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