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Red's True BBQ at Brewdog, Leicester.

8 Friar Ln, Leicester LE1 5RA, UK
For six years Red's True Barbecue have brought authentic, U.S. low 'n' slow barbecue for the foodies of England, resulting in 8 branches already open across the country. Recently they've opened a new branch in the heart of the Leicester City Centre at BrewDog on Friar Lane after the success of a 5--day-a-week kitchen residency.

Now they're opening their dogs full time at BrewDog and are located in the upstairs space of the bar. The space has completely been transformed into a fantastic, 70 cover restaurant for you to enjoy some really tasty food and an electric atmosphere!

It's a restaurant I'm really excited about and I got to have a sneak preview of what it has to offer!

The restaurant hosted a preview of what we could expect from a meal at Red True BBQ and created a taste of true barbecue alongside the company's favourite beers from Brewdog. So if you like barbecue and beer, this is the perfect match for you!

Red's True Barbecue pair their meats with their famous sauces in a celebration of regional barbecue and authentic flavour. The beer experts at BrewDog worked their magic to pair some of the favourite BrewDog draft choices with the restaurant's bbq classics. 

We really had quite the feast with 5 courses to get our teeth stuck into. All of the meals were served in bitesize so that you were able to sample as much of the food as possible before getting too full to move! The food provided to us was excellent; from the Hog Dust Coated Hot-or-Not Rip Lollipops, Mac N Cheese Balls w/ Pickleback Dipper, Memphis Pork Belly Bites W/ Bacon Greens to the final course of Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream. Red True's BBQ really went to town in ensuring we got to see the best of what they had to offer in the Leicester restaurant. 

The stand out dish for me was the Donut Burgers. Yes, a donut burger - I was surprised too and apparently they're quite a hit with diners throughout the country! I think it'll be a hit with the people of Leicester too! This burger contains beef patty, Unholy BBQ sauce, burger cheese, smoked bacon, crispy onions, Dirty sauce, all sandwiched between two sweet glazed donuts, served with Frickles. The flavour combination of sweet and savoury creates quite the explosion when you try it - it was very tasty and not what I expected whatsoever! I definitely would like to try this burger on the actual size to see what it's like with all of that flavour on a more "traditional" size for the restaurant. 

The beers that accompanied the dishes really surprised me too with the BrewDog Punk IPA and Dead Pony Club being the standouts! I'll be definitely heading there for a beer during the summer. 

The atmosphere for this place was electric and it would be the ideal venue for a Friday night dinner date to kickstart the weekend. If you're a big fan of BBQ food and good beer then this is the place for you. I'm really excited for this restaurant and feel as though it will be a fantastic asset to the Leicester food scene for years to come!

If you'd like to find out more about BrewDog and check out the menu, visit here

*complimentary visit to BrewDog, Leicester for the launch of Red True BBQ in return for blog coverage.  


  1. I bloody love reds, I’m so glad we finally have one especially with grillstock gone now.


    1. It's a fab place to eat - I'll definitely be going again soon! The food was epic! :D x

  2. oh wow !!! looks delicious. I love the decor too.



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