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Thermae Bath Spa, Bath.

The Hetling Pump Room, Hot Bath St, Bath BA1 1SJ, UK
Recently on our road trip to the Cotswolds, we were able to take full advantage of exploring the area and head on into Bath. Bath is the largest city within the county of Somerset and is mostly known for its history and culture. There is also an incredible amount of independent shops and cafes making it a hotspot for people from around the UK and beyond to visit.

We were lucky enough to explore the city for a day and even more so when I recently won a competition on Twitter to visit the Thermae Bath Spa with a 3-hour session pass. 

Thermae Bath Spa is an award-winning natural spa in the heart of the city centre where you can bathe in Bath's only naturally warm, mineral-rich waters. It's how the Celts and Romans would have done over 2,000 years ago. It's really quite the grand spa and has everything you need in one place for a relaxing retreat whilst within the city. It's also super easy to locate in the city, about a 7 minute walk from Bath Abbey. 

There are lots to enjoy here like the open-air rooftop pool with breathtaking views over the city of Bath. You can also refresh all of your senses in the spa's Wellness Suite and there are over 40 spa treatments and packages for you to choose from.

We arrived at the spa for our 3-hour session just before 10:30am and the staff were extremely attentive to getting us checked in and prepared for our break as soon as possible. We were given a quick introduction to what's available to us and where everything was situated as well as how to use our smart bands, an excellent electronic device to activate our lockers. We were also handed our free robe, slippers and towel hire as part of our visit but these are included as part of a Thermae Welcome package. The changing facilities in the spa are spacious and enough privacy available for you to get changed. The electronic locker keys were easy to use and it wasn't long before we were off into the spa to enjoy what we could with the time we had.

I loved heading up to the open-air rooftop pool where it was lovely and warm and the views overlooking Bath were really quite something. If you haven't visited Bath before it gave for superb panoramic views of the city from the luxury of a pool. We did quickly discover the popularity of the spa as it was definitely busier than we had expected it to be so meant we needed to navigate around quite a few people when we were using the range of facilities.

Photo Credit: Visit Bath
Photo Credit: Thermae Bath Spa website

On the lowest floor of the spa was another pool, surrounded by comfortable seats and an overwhelming sense of calm. Me and Jordan particularly enjoyed the opportunity for a short swim in the warm water before relaxing in the bubbles of the small jacuzzi situated at the bottom of the pool.

We also checked out the spa's Wellness Suite on Level 2 and indulged in the state-of-the-art experiences in which they had to offer. If you visit The New Royal Bath (Main Spa) then you have full use of the Wellness Suite facilities. There were 6 different areas to enjoy and something that will suit everyone's needs. I was disappointed to find that some of the facilities in this area weren't working on our visit so we were unable to experience those but the ones we did didn't disappoint.

One of my favourite parts in the Wellness Suite included the Celestial Relaxation Room. This room presents visitors another dimension with twinkling lights, five heated loungers, warm fragrant air, and calming sounds. I loved the calming atmosphere presented to me by all of the elements and the visual input from space imagery was really effective in making me feel zen here.

Another space I enjoyed within the suite was the Roman-inspired Steam Room, a place with captures Bath's rich Roman history.  In the room is hand-crafted, traditional stone seating and columns, and upon the end of the room is a mosaic of Sulis Minerva. The steam within the room is infused with the stimulating aroma of botanicals and flowers. The scents within the room were really uplifting and the heat of the room wasn't too overwhelming and it was a really nice room to enjoy.

You can find out more about the other rooms within the Wellness Suite here.

Photo Credit: Bath Thermae Spa website
Photo Credit: Bath Thermae Spa website

The spa also has the added facilities of a restaurant Springs Cafe Restaurant where you can dine and enjoy a drink during your visit. As well as this there is the Cross Bath, although access to this I believe is at an additional cost.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Thermae Spa and it was great fun to experience another spa outside of the ones I have been to within the Midlands. The facilities are exceptional and there is an integration of the city's history that works so well.

You can experience the spa in a Thermae Welcome. With this comes a 2-hour spa session and use of a towel, robe and slippers. Prices for this within the New Royal Bath range between £36-40. You can find out more on their website here.

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  1. I'm glad you had such a lovely time! I recently went to the Cross Bath on a hen do - I hired it out for the group of us and it was amazing! There is something so calming and beautiful about the baths, although you're right, it can get so busy! The relaxation room and steam room sounds incredible!
    Hels xxx

    1. Hi Hels! Oh Cross Bath is beautiful, it's definitely somewhere I'd like to go for a hen do, it's lovely! Yeah I think it would have been better if it wasn't so busy - it was a great place though! xx

  2. this actually looks so relaxing, I'm not even a major spa person but uhm, defs reconsidering that now, it sounds fab!

    Anne // www.basifpa-and-did.co.uk

    1. Hi Anne - I hope I can convert you so you'll give it a go! I really enjoy spa's and I would recommend this place definitely x


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