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The Falconer's Quest at Warwick Castle.

Warwick CV34 4QU, UK

GIFTED – Complimentary tickets to visit Warwick Castle.

One of my topics at school this year was Castles and we even visited Tamworth Castle. I think it has been one of my favourite topics this year and so I was delighted to be invited along to Warwick Castle recently. Not only was I excited about putting my knowledge about castles into practice but I was excited to check out the castle's latest attraction, The Falconer's Quest

The history of Warwick Castle goes as far as almost 11 centuries. The castle now provides people with 1,100 years of jaw-dropping, history, magic, myth and adventure to get stuck into. Although it's a fantastic day for the entire family, we enjoyed it as a couple just as much! There's so much to do including their Horrible Histories maze, explore the heights of the castle's towers, eat great  food and you can even spend the night in one of the Medieval Glamping tipi's or a Knight Village Lodge

We loved filling our trip with a exploration of the castle ground's and seeking a peak at some of the castle's history. The castle grounds themselves are a perfect spot to enjoy a lunchtime picnic and takje in your surroundings. The hours seemed to have passed by in a flurry when we were visiting and we didn't get the opportunity to see everything - a good excuse for another trip during the summer holidays. 

Before checking out the newest attraction at the castle we decided to see the War of Roses Live! You are transported to 1455 where the House of Lancaster holds the English throne. King Henry VI's crown is challenged by the House of York. The rival houses clash in a fearsome war that lasts over 30 years. This critically acclaimed live action jousting show is back! 

War of Roses Live! wows the audience with perilous stunt riding, fearless jousting and epic special effects. You get up close to one of the biggest battles in British history and you get to choose your side too! It's a really action-packed event that is enjoyed by filled out audiences! 

But we were there to see the newest attraction to Warwick Castle's programme, The Falconer's Quest. The show is the UK's biggest bird of prey show with up to 70 high flying birds of prey soaring up to the skies in an all-action, dynamic display of aerial acrobatics. Situated by the Riverside Arena the audience are transported through a journey of discovery and delight.

You come up to close to some of the world's most magnificent birds and know how to steal the audience's attention. The animals have been well trained to cope with large audiences and don't seem to have any nerves in their routines. Although on our visit it wasn't the best of weather, the show still went on!

I loved seeing the spectacular birds and hearing their individual stories of what makes them so unique. We got incredibly close to some of the birds including the hawk, eagle, red kite and perigrine falcon as they darted through the audiences and it was a fantastic experience to be able to have!

Even after the show was finished we managed to have a chat with one of the falconer's and get up close with one of the stars of the show too! 

We had a truly fascinating time at Warwick Castle and we will definitely be heading back in the near future for more castle fun!


  1. I love Warwick Castle! Visited this past Christmas and it was absolutely incredible!

  2. This sounds amazing never been to a castle before will love to visit someday


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