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REVIEW | The Mousetrap

Theatre Square, Nottingham NG1 5ND, UK

The Mousetrap
Theatre Royal, Nottingham

Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap is the longest running show in the West End and has arrived back to the Theatre Royal in Nottingham's stage where it first premiered in 1952. It's fascinating to know that this show was formed on the basis of a 30-minute radio drama called Three Blind Men that was written by Christie. The success of this show is undeniably inspiring andbeing seated in a packed audience that hummed with excitement before the curtain went up is a reflection of that. 

The story, a murder mystery play, is set around Monkswell Manor guest house. A new business venture for Husband Giles Ralston (Nick Biadon) and wife Mollie Ralston (Harriett Hare) who await nervously for their first ever guests. They steadily arrive at the manor, all with very different charcaters, making for an enjoyable watch. The snow is falling heavily outside and we soon discover that Monkswell Manor guest house becomes a murder scene and both the guests and house owners are all suspects. 

I quickly understood why The Mousetrap has become the longest running play and has such a large following. The quality and atmosphere of the production is excellent, drawing you in from the moment the curtains go up. The script has enabled you to be thrust right into the thick of the action and what really sets it apart from other plays is the way it drives conversation during the interval as everyone tries to work out who dunnit? There's a real buzz around drawing out your own conclusions on the case. 

The Mousetrap plants a seed into your head from the get go and it's important that you experience this show for yourself - especially if you want to discover the murderers identity! All of the cast were exceptionally strong in delivering their characters. Mrs Boyle was played by Gwyneth Strong (from Only Fools and Horses) who has a fantastic quality as an unlikable character who awaits a deadly fate. 

Lewis Chandler brought a fantastic element of humour to the story as Christopher Wren and absolutely got the laughs from the audience. There's a real innocent/childlike flare to his character that was likable from the get go. 

Helping us through the story and sustaining the energy levels needed was Geoff Arnold as Sgt Trotter. He arrives at the manor and quickly gets down to the job of solving the murder. There's some fantastic levels to his character that are well portrayed within the story. 

I really enjoyed my first experience of The Mousetrap and would definitely recommend it for everyone to see at least once! It keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end and will not disappoint its audiences during the tour.

Unfortunately I cannot reveal the identity of the murderer to you here, as tradition has it that any who have seen the show are sworn to secrecy by the cast themselves! So remember, once you've seen it you must keep the secret too! 

You can play witness to The Mousetrap during the UK Tour until February 2020. Book your tickets here.


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