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2019: Life Update, What I'm Loving Right Now & My Relationship With Blogging.

It is currently 5:30am on July 23rd and I've decided that rather than battling with my body to try and go back to sleep I would write a life update post, whilst watching the latest episode of Love Island I missed last night. 


Because I enjoy reading that kind of post and some of you may be new readers around here so what better way of getting to know me than reading an entire post dedicated to me? So with a cup of tea in hand and the sun rising behind me from the window, I can chat about life in 2019 so far, what I've been loving and also what my relationship is like with blogging right now. Let's face it, it's not like the 2017 buzz. 

So life recently has been chaotic. I'm currently on my summer holiday after finishing my first year as a learning support assistant in a primary school. What an interesting year. It's been great fun working with the KS1 children and it's all change for me next year as I join the FS team and LKS2 team. I'm really excited/nervous about the new academic year and what it has to offer - but I'll stop thinking about it right now because I still have 5 weeks away from work. 

I also started working alternative weekends in a kennel recently for extra ££ and also because I enjoy doing it to break up my work routine. It's emotionally quite difficult when you see some of the situations dogs are brought into you but it's extremely rewarding when they're rehomed and you know they're in the best place whilst awaiting a new home. 

Onto reflecting on the year so far. 2019 hasn't shaped up to be too bad to be honest. The weather has been glorious recently too so I've been enjoying basking in it as/when I can. I've managed to finally make it halfway through my 2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge of 50 books and this summer I'm hoping to really nail the reading thing. Some of the highlights of 2019 so far for me are;

A trip to the Peak District with Bumble Campers which included a trip to the beautiful Dovedale, a place I definitely want to revisit sometime during the holidays. I also had a trip to the Cotswolds, a place that's been on my travel bucket list for YEARS. We enjoyed a couple of days in an Air BnB and it was a great romantic getaway with Jordan. During this trip we also visited Bath and a beautiful hotel in Oxfordshire. I've got to know a great group of girls through work so I've loved being able to get together outside of work and enjoy gin evenings with them, we also have plans for my birthday which is super nice. I've been to the theatre quite a lot, some of my favourite shows so far include Amelie, Kinky Boots and Avenue Q

Just this month aswell we've attended two festivals; Timber and Latitude. I really enjoy festivals and this year was no different with two splendid weekends enjoying music, art and performance.  Hopefully we'll squeeze in one more before the summer is out!

Some of the smaller highlights of the year are that I've enjoyed spending the evenings curled up with a book, watching some Netflix or playing on the Nintendo Switch.

On Netflix I've been enjoying Stranger Things (I'm finally on the hype), Glee, Cupcake & Dino, Our Planet and Girls Incarcerated. 

3 books that have stood out to me so far this year have been Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich, Bird Box by Josh Malerman and Pieces of Me by Natalie Hart

I've recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Fit e and it's one of my favourite purchases of the year. It really motivates me to exercise more during the holidays, keep up to track with notifications to my phone (especially as 80% of the time I miss phone calls) and monitor my sleeping pattern. It's one of those things I never realised I needed! I've recently got my hands on a new camera too which has remotivated me to get back into creating better content for my blog, without relying on my phone all of the time. 

Which leads me on nicely to discussing..

I'll be honest in saying my love for blogging has flagged massively in 2019. With a lot of my time being taken up by working it's meant that blogging has taken the furthest seat backwards in terms of my priority. 

There have been accusations this year thrown around about me "copying content" and passing it off as my own which for someone who has been writing for 5 years it's disheartening. When you already have to balance so much already your blog is something that takes time. Especially when it comes to writing a post you are 100% happy with sharing amongst your audience and the wider community. I can wholeheartedly say that whenever I write a blog post I research a brand, write pages of notes, use my photos to help my flow of the post and it can take a couple of weeks before I actually press the little publish button at the top right of my screen. I never once read another person's blog post as I know it can influence or sway your initial impression and I understand the amount of time it takes behind the scenes to create a post. With that in mind, it results in me feeling less interested in blogging than ever before and that sucks to be honest. 

People need to not read so into a blog post if it has similarities - remember we all tend to sing from the same hymn sheet if we use the brand's website for information and context. So I don't know how long I'll continue to write specific content because of this to be honest..

I have loved writing about theatre shows in 2019 and my content has swayed more towards that because it fits in with my working life. I have built fantastic relationships with theatres like New Alexandra and Leicester Haymarket whilst others have dwindled slightly and I don't tend to write a lot of reviews for them anymore. I'm hoping this latter part of 2019 will be full of great performances and interview opportunities though! 

I do still enjoy blogging to a certain degree but I've not been that engaged with the wider community and learning new skills which is unlike me. I hope this latter part of 2019 I engage myself more within the community again and start to engage with more ways I can develop my content. 


Well that was a rather lengthy post.

Hopefully you've enjoyed reading an update about 2019 so far and I'm now going to try and nap on the sofa before my day begins because being awake since 4.30am is starting to make me flag and I have to go to work this afternoon for a couple of hours. In the reported heatwave too! 

How is 2019 shaping up for you so far? Tell me in the comments..


  1. If you're looking to engage more and learn new things I highly recommend signing up to Grow & Glow :)

    1. I have signed up to Grow and Glow this month and I'm excited for it to reignite my motivation for blogging! x


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