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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: 3 Great Beatles Destinations in Liverpool

Liverpool, UK
Yesterday, the newest blockbuster film from Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, centres around
the massively influential British band The Beatles. Centring around a young musician that seems to be the only one who knows their music, the picture imagines a world devoid of Paul, John, George and Ringo’s influence, and it has received much critical acclaim from the press, regarded by some as the ‘feel good film of the summer’.

Yesterday takes place in-part around Liverpool, and Director Danny Boyle has hinted at the fact that it was easy to see the imprint the band has made on the city, making it difficult to film around the area at times. One particular difficulty that the director spoke about at a screening was the prominence of Magical Mystery Tour buses around the city, driving in the background of shots and shattering the illusion.

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Yesterday imagines that the Beatles never existed and that their influence on the world was minor.  But, particularly with their Liverpool hometown, that couldn’t be further from the truth. For those visiting the city and wondering where the best spots are to go to celebrate the fab 4, take a look at this list of some of the best Beatles destinations in Liverpool currently. This has given me perfect inspiration for my upcoming trip to Liverpool with National Express [gifted]. 

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Matthew Street
Liverpool’s Matthew Street is perhaps one of the most important Beatles culture-points in the entire city. Home to the famous Cavern Club venue, one of the most prolific in the rise of the band, the area surrounding has since become known as the ‘Cavern Quarter’, in part an ode to the early days of their career. With a statue of John Lennon, numerous shops and bars dedicated to the band, and an exciting nightlife scene, it’s a great choice for an evening out in the city. The area is also fairly centrally located within the city, making it easily accessible if staying in a nearby hotel.

The Baltic Triangle
Despite being known as one of the trendy and modern areas of the city, the Baltic Triangle hasn’t
forgotten its cultural heritage, and pays tribute to the Beatles in a number of ways. The first of these offerings is the iconic Yellow Submarine Bar, an authentic and impressive new opening around Cains Brewery. Once used as a prop in the film Hunt for Red October, the striking submarine has been revamped inside for fans for plenty of Beatles history and memorabilia, and there are even Beatles-themed drinks.

For an Instagram opportunity, around the corner from the Baltic Market lies a beautiful Abbey Road mural from artist Paul Curtis, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Abbey Road album. Gather your friends and ‘come together’ to stand in front of the now-famous crossing, brought from London to Liverpool for your walking pleasure.

The Baltic Triangle acts as a technology hive and cultural hotspot, surely being an integral part of Liverpool’s economy and a proving ground for the artists and professionals of tomorrow, never mind Yesterday. Property investment companies such as RW Invest are offering promising off-plan developments to potential investors interested in the area, rooting themselves in the future of this influential and powerful northern city.

The Beatles Story

For the tourist eager to educate themselves on the inception of the band, their rise to fame, popularity and eventual break-up, there is no better place to get and understanding of the Beatles Story than, well, The Beatles Story. This ‘Magical Mystery’ tour features reconstructions of many famous venues from the band’s career, plenty of photo opportunities, and even a full audio guide available in a variety of different languages, perfect for the international Beatlemaniac.

Have you visited any of The Beatles spots in Liverpool?

*Guest post written in collaboration with RW-Invest


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