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Chino Latino, Nottingham

41 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham NG1 6GD, UK
AD – This meal was gifted in return for this review.

Chino Latino is an award-winning AA Rosette award Pan-Asian restaurant located on Maid Marian Way and just a short walk from Nottingham's Market Square. It's location is beside the city's City Plaza hotel and it's slightly unnoticeable from the street. You can access the restaurant by going through the front entrance of the City Plaza next door. The restaurant design is fairly basic with a small bar area and quite a spacious dining area. We were quickly served our drinks and provided with a menu for the evening. 

Chino Latino's menu highlights the best of Pan-Asia's culinary offering and incorporates some wild exotic flavours for you to sample. Their food is served to share and the dishes are brought steadily to the table creating an informal yet sophisticated style of eating and drinking with friends and family. 

The menu is basically a collection of small bites including sushi and dim sum as well as more well-known favourites including tempura, chicken wings and sashimi. The main courses are quite intriguing too with fish, meat and vegetarian dishes available. With the idea of sharing within the restaurant it's the kind of place where you can order lots of small dishes whilst enjoying some of Chino Latino's fantastic cocktails. 

We were disappointed that on our visit a few of the dishes were unavailable, therefore our choices were quite limited on the menu. Especially as I already thought their menu was already quite small and limited to what I expected from a restaurant with this cuisine. 

We dived straight into our starters of sushi and a selection of fish. My sushi had prawns, crab and avocado intertwined into it with a beetroot flavoured sauce on top. I couldn't quite believe how tasty my sushi was for a first time sampling these flavours together. Jordan opted for a selection of fish for his starter and really enjoyed sampling the different flavours that the restaurant had put together for him in his dish.

We really struggled with choosing our main dishes because the ones we were interested in were unavailable to us. I decided to sample the Thai Chicken Yellow Curry that came with jasmine rice. The curry and rice came served in two small bowls and smelt incredible - the scent of the jasmine rice was definitely noticeable. Now the curry came with chicken chunks and a selection of vegetables too! Now the curry definitely had the kick expected from a curry but was unfortunately quite flavourless generally. The Thai Chicken Yellow Curry as a whole was disappointing and not a dish I would order again from Chino Latino.

Jordan went for the Duck Breast dish that came dressed with mango and pomegranate and looked fantastic on presentation. He said the dish was colder that he expected it to be - we weren't sure whether this was what we should have expected? Although saying that the meat was incredibly tender and full of flavour.

I was overall quite disappointed in my visit to the Chino Latino and would probably visit again to see if it can improve on my first impression.  

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