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The Last Ten Books I Read.

It's been a while since I wrote about the books I've read on this blog, oops! The last time I updated you I was on my 18th book of the year and heading towards the halfway point of my 2019 reading challenge. I am getting through books quite rapidly this year and it's definitely one of my favourite things to do when unwinding at the end of the day or when it's raining outside (like the day I'm finishing off this post, definitely going to enjoy my book with some candles burning!). Out of the last 10 books I've read, there's only one that I did not finish but other than that I've read some great books.

I definitely use popular sites Goodreads & NetGalley to help me source my books as well as some fantastic recommendations from some of my favourite bookstagrammers. However, my to read list continues to grow on a daily basis but at least I am choosing books over scrolling through Instagram. 

I've collated some thoughts and short reviews on the last ten books I read, some I really enjoyed and one I didn't even finish but I love telling you my thoughts.

*Don't Tell Teacher by Suzy K. Quinn
I love thriller books and the blurb for this one drew me in instantly. This book was excellent and I couldn't put it down. I loved the way in which this story panned out and the twists that came along the way. I thought the transitions between the different characters in this story made it for easy read and I was not disappointed by it at all. If you're a fan of thrillers then this title is most definitely one to add to your list.

*The Furies by Katie Lowe
I found this book quite difficult to get into and there's a lot of reference to drugs which could be distracting for a reader. The writing is descriptive too so this was difficult to engage with at specific points which meant I probably missed vital points in the story. However, the focus on female friendships was particularly powerful and pivotal to the story. I found that Lowe's style of writing didn't suit my preference. I'm just unsure whether I would read this again.

*Pieces Of Me by Natalie Hart
Pieces of Me is an emotional rollercoaster about the effects of war, not only on the soldier but their loved ones. My heart ached for Emma's turmoil to bring her Adam back to normality after a horrific experience in his latest tour in Iraq. I felt admiration for Emma's determination to help those affected by war. I felt as though I went on a really intense journey through this book and it was written in such a powerful manner it pulls you in at every page. It was hands down one of my favourite books that I read recently and I definitely recommend it for others. 

Girl Up by Laura Bates
What a fantastic book from Laura Bates containing everything a woman needs to know growing up in modern society. Its everything and more I would have liked to read as a teenager, it's a fantastic source for advice, but not really relevant at my age. I could totally agree with everything Bates discussed about the underlying pressure a woman has today in the book, especially when it comes down to their body and relationships with others. It was a really interesting book that had been on my shelf for a while so I was glad I finally got round to reading it. 

*Those People By Louise Candlish
I loved reading Candlish's last title Our House earlier this year so was delighted to see there was another book on the horizon for release! There is a lot about the titles that are kind of similar, in particular as they are based in residential settings. The premise of this story was pretty straight forward and it included a lot of interesting characters, however, I found it really difficult to stick with the book whilst I was reading it. There were only two dramatic things that happened so everything in-between that was kind of lost with me. It very much sits in the crime genre and had a great writing style but I was hoping for more! 

*Poster Boy by N.J. Crosskey
This book delivers so much and is one of the reads that have really stuck with me since reading it. It tackles relevant issues like racism and nationalism - it stares you straight in the face in the pages of this book. The characters are exceptionally created and the build up throughout Poster Boy kept you gripped. The strength of the issues and characters in this book work so well and I have already lent it my friend to hopefully enjoy as much as I did too! 

The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson
I grabbed this title at my local diary - it's a book I have heard loads about before but never grabbed. In 250 pages the book tackles obessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and they really approach it in fantastic style in this book aimed for young adults. This story focuses on one boy but tells a story about a little toddler who goes missing but there's elements about family, friendships, acceptation and loves that goes way beyond the pages of the book. I enjoyed every page of this book and I know others will too! 

The Accident by C.L. Taylor 
Another library find is this gripping psychological thriller definitely reminded me along the lines of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and Behind Closed Doors - so I got stuck into this one immediately. The Accident had a story I could definitely get stuck into and had some really interesting characters too. Sue's the main character and the flashbacks to her past intertwined into this book are really important and I was drawn into them. 

The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett
The Versions of Us is a book that has been on my TBR pile for a while but I had never got my hands on it so when I found it at my local library I thought it would be the perfect summer read. I'll be honest the first few pages definitely gave me One Day vibes and I thought fab - because it's one of my favourite books! About 50% in I lost my way with this book and unfortunately I didn't finish it. I was gutted that I didn't enjoy this book, maybe I'll try it again sometime?

The House on Half Moon Street by Alex Reeve
This book was not what I expected at all - Alex Reeve is a fantastic writer! I really enjoyed the settings for this story, 1880 London was really brought to life in this crime story. It definitely contained a creepy atmosphere from the get go and it was completely different to any other crime fiction I had read previously. There was twists and turns around every chapter and it pulled me in 100%. If you're looking for your next crime fiction read this then definitely try out this book, I couldn't put it down. 

What have you been reading recently?

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Books marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted by the publishers or NetGallery in return for an honest review. 


  1. Awesome entry. I LOVE reading but I just find that I struggle to find the time in my day to sit uninterpreted and read. I like the sound of the Girl Up one! :-)

    1. It's tough isn't it? There's never enough hours in the day. I read far more frequently and quickly when we hit the colder months! xx


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