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An Autumn To-Do List.

I'm writing this post on the dawn of the September Equinox, meaning it's officially Autumn aka my favourite season ever. In Autumn's gone by I have been plagued by anxiety, the shorter days are not my friend and I almost beg for Spring to arrive already.

But this year I want it to be different. I want to embrace every single day of this season with open arms and savour all of the wonderful things it can bring with it. It's the season of cosy nights in, lighting every single pumpkin scented candle you own (and purchasing many more so you don't run out of stock) and wearing all of the layers possible.

With this in mind, I've created an autumn to-do list. The things I know will benefit me during this season, my wellbeing as well as hopefully encouraging some ideas for others to enjoy in the process too. 

embrace the outdoors. 
The drop in temperature most definitely doesn't encourage you to go outdoors but this season I want to do exactly that. I have both The Peaks as well as some fantastic walking spots right on my doorstep so I need to make the most of them. I want to go for a walk at least once a week, whether that's with Jordan or friends somewhere new or just walking around the rolling countryside surrounding where I live with the local rescue dogs. The mental health charity Mind shared a fantastic resource on Nature and Mental Health full of fantastic activities outdoors that will benefit your wellbeing. 

grab a book instead of your phone.
I am currently in the midst of transitioning from a desk space in our front room to a reading corner and I can't tell you how excited this makes me. I don't sit at my desk anymore and a reading nook was exactly what the space needed. I can't wait to add in my new armchair as well as other interior type things to make it into the space I have always wanted. I will be leaving my phone in another room and diving into a book once the colder nights draw in and I'm so excited. I still have 15 books to go until I hit my Goodreads challenge of the year so I'm sure Autumn will be the season I read a hell of a lot more. 

enjoy new TV series & autumnal films. 
It's a well-known fact that TV this time of year is so good so when I am not reading a book or rushing off to events this season I will be enjoying them all. We also absolutely love watching Halloween type films once October arrives (here are 20 of the best Halloween movies to get you started!)  so of course, they will be on! At the moment I'm already enjoying The Great British Bake Off, The Dog House, A Confession, The Capture and now Strictly Come Dancing is back. I have an entire list of TV series I want to get into once those are finished with (any suggestions are welcome!) 

digital declutter. 
Nobody should wait until the dawn of a new season to do this but we all need a digital declutter every now and again. Already before this I have removed myself from a few group chats for work as they cause me unnecessary doubts and I have also started looking at the content creators I follow. You need to put it out in the universe what you want, instead of waiting for the universe to do all the work for you. 

use your weekends wisely.
I work a full-time job so my weekends are precise things that can't be wasted. I have a couple of trips in the pipeline but I can't wait to enjoy some weekends on a far slower pace. Waking up when I want, doing the housework, walking the dogs, meeting friends for a coffee (or candle shopping, that's a serious gig!), going for walks and maybe even writing a blog post. 

self-care is just as essential now as it is in the warmer months.
This means I will be having long bubble baths, reading a book, engaging in mindfulness and gratitude to help me reflect on the days that are more challenging. And when those days to arise when I am not feeling ok I will express them with my close friends and family so that I am not just podding along. Also, I love Autumn fashion and feeling all cosy makes me feel happier internally. It's also important to remember that seasons and anxiety are similar in that they are temporary so it will pass. 

and do some fun stuff.
So be it collecting pumpkins to carve, exploring new cities/towns, taking autumnal photos and more! Any suggestions on other things that would make my autumn perfect are welcome.

What's on your Autumn to-do list this year?

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