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𝘼𝘿 | Finding New Activities To Enjoy With Bookado

[AD] In collaboration with Bookado

Adventure seekers like me love the opportunity to try something new and 2019 has certainly been the year of challenging my fears. First I managed to scale 34 floors up a building for an afternoon tea in Liverpool and now I was tackling it once again thanks to a collaboration with Bookado.  

Bookado provides an incredible amount of activities across the UK and has created the easiest way to find the best (and most thrilling) of activities and things to do wherever you are since they launched in 2018. They range from a couple of hours to a full day out - each tailored to your specific activity needs. 

There are some fantastic stuff on offer, perfect if you're ticking off your bucket list. Some of those I am keen to try for myself is the Hot Air Balloon ride in Surrey and Kayaking in Sussex. The prices are discounted and of decent value too! 

The company are continuing to expand their reach to destinations throughout the UK and are growing their hub in my hometown of Leicestershire. Fab! I was excited to sample one of the activities they are planning to offer on a hot summer's day in August when I headed to Loughborough's Climbing Station for an indoor bouldering experience. 

It wasn't long after we arrived at the venue and we got kitted up before heading straight into a warm-up and taking to the wall for our first climb of the afternoon. We were attached to a safety harness and rope and guided by our instructor to reach the top. On the wall were different coloured holes, each representing varying levels of difficulty. I stuck with what I was more comfortable with and went for the easier routes to build up my confidence with heights. 

Although yes I am terrified of heights I absolutely challenged myself to go further up the wall everytime.

After a few goes at this wall we unclipped ourselves from the equipment and headed over to the Climbing Stations spacious bouldering area. There are many areas to this space for you to explore and they change the holds regularly meaning you are always trying something new on every visit. Fantastic if you get stuck into bouldering and figure out it's something you'd like to do more often.

Bouldering seems to be a thrilling new sport that is growing in popularity! It's similar to rock climbing, although you don't have the safety net of a harness or rope whilst climbing. The walls are not flat and are a range of different shapes and sizes, they mimic rocks you would see outdoors.

This part of our activity was definitely a lot more challenging but I found I took to it far better than when I was on the wall. We had a lot more to do in terms of moving our body and figuring out different holds in order to reach the holes ahead of us. I absolutely loved trying these out and the guidance and support from our instructor definitely helped grow my confidence with this activity too.

I enjoyed how different it was to our usual activity and me and Jordan are definitely keen to get enrolled and attend The Climbing Station more often.

Bookado is a fantastic brand and I can't wait to hopefully experience more activities up and down the country with them as they expand!


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