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REVIEW | Frankenstein, Belgrade Theatre Coventry

Belgrade Theatre Coventry 

Selladoor Productions are having a stellar 2019 with the likes of Avenue QAmelieMadagascar and 9 to 5 The Musical touring across the country as well as in the west end! They're not slowing down for the year JUST yet with the arrival of Frankenstein in partnership with Matthew Townshend productions, Belgrade Theatre Coventry and Perth Theatre at Horsecross Arts. 

It was an 18 year old girl named Mary Shelley who created one of the lasting horror stories of all time. The story stemmed from a competition of who could create the best horror story between her family, The Shelley's. It was Mary who won but in fact, Polidori wrote a story named The Vampyre which later influenced Bram Stoker whilst writing Dracula. 

Selladoor have done a superb job in crafting a production that keeps the 200-year-old story as modern and thrilling as possible. The story is very much the same; Scientist Victor Frankenstein brings the dead back to life, only to discover that instead, he has created a monster. He breathes new life into the indifferent world. This creature desperately seeks out his true identity, but there's underlying agony of rejection and a broken promise that thrusts him into darkness. A lot of horror unfolds that affects Frankenstein's family and own life. This brilliant new adaption from Rona Munro brings Mary Shelley back to life too as she is placed into the heart of the action and shifts us through the entire fast-paced rhythm of this story. 

Eilidh Loan brings Mary Shelley's dream to life and as she wrestles with her creation and is struck by the stark realities facing revolutionary young women, then and now. She masters being on the stage for the entire production and has consistency in the levels of energy she delivers. Loan also plays a part in shifting the scenes and characters - her importance to the role is delivered superbly and she oozes power. 

Michael Moreland provides us with a chilling performance as The Monster and is terrifyingly brilliant at portraying the torment and fear this character needs to portray to the audience. Ben Castle-Gibb oozes the ambitious, arrogance and extremely single-minded characteristics of Frankenstein. He does an excellent job in taking you along his journey and it was clear that he well thought out his performance. 

The small cast collectively does an excellent job in shifting between different characters and bringing the chilling tale to life. Becky Minto's set design is playful and creative. Trees act as ladders to the different levels of the set and the monochrome colours create the scenes well. At the back of the stage is a upside-down tree that looked almost vein-like to me - it was cleverly crafted. There were definitely realistic sound effects in the piece that made me physically jump from my seat and both of the light effects and subtle music added fantastic layers to Frankenstein. 

It was truly a fantastic Autumn production that got me right in the mood for Halloween!

You can catch Frankenstein at Belgrade Theatre Coventry until 12 October before it embarks on a UK Tour. You can find out more information here


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