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The Essential Autumn Games Night with GiffGaff.

AD // Collaboration with giffgaff.

I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that when it comes to the longer nights will happily trade a night in heels for a night in slippers? In fact, during Autumn and Winter, I am always organising games and takeaway evenings with my friends. It saves me the whole job of getting ready, booking taxis and a rotten takeaway afterwards! I love having the opportunity to catch up with close friends or friends I haven't seen in a while and a games night is the perfect antidote for that. 

One of the UK's leading mobile phone network providers, giffgaff wanted to help me host an unforgettable games night with my colleagues recently. As someone who already hosts games nights already I quickly booked a date in the diary and was all set for some good fun! (Definitely what you need after a long week at work right?). The team at giffgaff sent me over all of the goodies to make this happen - including some surprises too! We were gifted an Amazon Echo Dot, Go Pro Camera, Anker USB Power Bank, some giffgaff SIM cards, a £50 voucher for the perfect takeaway from Just Eat and even a winner's trophy! 

They also sorted out the main event for us; some games to get stuck into! Luckily British gaming brand, Big Potato Games were involved and I've been dying to trail some of their games for months! The 3 we were given a go were Weird Things Human Search For, Obama Llama 2 and Bucket of Doom. 

The standout game of the night was without a shadow of a doubt; Obama Llama 2 which is the part gay with an odd-sounding game but comes with lots of great fun! You are instructed to mime and describe tons of celebrity rhymes! It provided us with over an hour of laugh out loud entertainment - although it was a bit tricky to pick up at the evening it quickly flowed into an enjoyable game for us all.  We would have liked to have played Bucket of Doom but we ran out of time, however it seems very similar to Cards Against Humanity and it's always the one game we always get out during our games night. 

giffgaff is not a mobile provider I use personally but my boyfriend does and has already encouraged me to make the switch once my lastest phone contract is up in early 2020. The main benefits of making the switch to the cheaper SIM-only provider includes;

  • Signal coverage - which is really essential as we live in quite a rural area of Leicestershire.
  • SIM-only plans/tariffs that provide a good amount of calls, data, texts at a reasonable price.
  • Free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts – this is great if you want to regularly check in with family members.
We had such a fantastic night thanks to giffgaff, it enabled us to remember the importance of spending quality time together and switching off our mobiles to enjoy the fun of a board game! I would definitely encourage you to organise a games night with your friends, I know I will be booking plety more before the year is out! 


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