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REVIEW | We Will Rock You, UK Tour

Theatre Square, Nottingham NG1 5ND, UK

We Will Rock You 
UK Tour

It's been 5 years since the popular jukebox musical We Will Rock You left the West End. Listed up there as one of the top 10 longest-running shows in London, it left a void when it was announced that it would close after 4600 performances, many awards (including Best Musical Show) and 12 years in the Dominion Theatre. Like the story itself, We Will Rock You has been brought back to life for a new UK Tour with a lot of new ideas on how they would present this production. 

A lot hasn't changed in the 5 years; the same storyline, influential characters and electric song score are still there. More than 20 songs from one of the biggest bands of all time, Queen and the main thread throughout the show is still there and more powerful than ever. The writing of this musical has definitely had some new additions added into it that keep in time with the times effectively for the audience. Despite a 20-minute break in our performance due to a technical difficulty, the show did go on and this cast knew how to rock right until the very last beat. 

This futuristic world where rock'n'roll has died is held onto tightly by the fingertips of a group of bohemians, desperate to keep the memories of iconic musicians alive! The world we know has long gone and it's the internet and social media which takes the front seat in society. Everyone now thinks, dresses and acts the same in this new world and musical instruments and composers are strictly forbidden here. The bohemians are influenced by those big pop stars, Britney Spears, David Bowie and Lady Gaga are just a few which help keep their reputation present. 

We Will Rock You served as a great reminder on why it was such a big hit amongst audiences around the world, it's truly fantastic from start to finish. The presentation of this new UK Tour is brilliant at utilising all of the best visual projections on offer in theatre. I loved how the projections brought to life specific scenes in the story, although at the time they personally made me feel slightly motion sick. The set-up on the stage itself was simplistic and it was the eye-catching visuals that made up for that.

This entire cast is spectacular in delivering their performance, particularly within the ensemble who executed the rapid choreographic style created for this production. Michael McKell (Buddy) was a natural hit with the audience and very funny too! Ian McIntosh was charming and packed with strong vocals as Galileo. A particular favourite performance was from Jenny O'Leary who really came into her own as the powerful and feisty as the Killer Queen, she was excellent with her vocals too! What a voice! Amy Di Bartolomeo also gave us a fabulous performance (with incredible vocals) as Oz. There wasn't anything within the casting that wasn't as strong as the other.

We Will Rock You is perfect for those who want to keep the memory of Queen's iconic music alive and to enjoy a jukebox musical that is fantastic through and through!

You can find out more about the We Will Rock You UK Tour Dates here.


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