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𝘼𝘿 | 5 Ways to 'Pass The Love On' This Christmas with Thorntons

Christmas is the season of the good stuff; delicious food, sipping on mulled wine, watching back-to-back Christmas movies, the time of year where its acceptable to lounge in your PJ’s as much as possible and decorate the house nice and early! One of the greatest things over the festive period (and definitely the most important) is spending time with your loved ones. 

This Christmas one of the UK’s leading chocolate manufacturers, Thorntons Continental, has launched a campaign entitled ‘Continental Journeys’ in partnership with the national charity SSAFA, who work with service men and women, veterans and their families, to reunite families who would otherwise be separated over Christmas. 

The Continental Journeys campaign saw Thorntons ‘Pass The Love On’ to two families, reuniting them via a sensory VR experience – watch the YouTube video here to find out what happened! 

This inspired me to create 4 simple ways you can pass the love onto your friends and family this Christmas period.

  1. Bake a festive treat
Baking a festive treat for someone is an extremely thoughtful gift. I love the different flavours associated with this time of year and you can’t beat a fresh delivery of gingerbread biscuits to enjoy over the Christmas season. I know my gran and parents would love this! The Thorntons Continental Winter Market limited edition box is a great place to find festive flavour inspirations. 

  1. Write your loved one a lovely card or print off your favourite picture with a message behind it
Christmas is the perfect season to reflect on gratitude and what a better way to express that with your loved ones than through a written message. I've been printing off loads of my old pictures of me and my friends this year and I'd love to send them out to my friends with a thoughtful, hand-written message on the back. It's a great opportunity to thank them and let them know you are thinking of them or that you want to reconnect in the New Year. If you don't want to write on the back of a photograph, you could send it in a lovely Christmas card. It's a nice little surprise for the recipient too! 

  1. Reconnect with old friends.
If you want to pass on the love this season, then reconnecting with old friends is a fantastic idea. Life can become busy and sometimes we lose touch with people. If you're out-of-office over the holidays, book some catch-ups in your personal diary. I already have a few of these pencilled in and I can't wait to reconnect with the people I've not managed to catch-up with this year. 

  1. Visit your family.
I'm really fortunate in that a lot of my extended family live quite local to me therefore visiting them isn’t too difficult to do.  I'll be passing on the love to them, armed with some Thorntons Continental delicious chocolates and turning on the kettle whilst we reminisce over fond memories we’ve made throughout the years. I, unfortunately, lost my grandad during this time of the year over 10 years ago, so it's important that I spend time with my family, especially my gran. 

How will you be passing on the love this Christmas? 


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