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REVIEW | Puss in Boots, Belgrade Theatre Coventry.

Belgrade Square, Corporation St, Coventry CV1 1GS, UK


For the fourth year running I travelled to Coventry to see this year’s pantomime at the Belgrade Theatre. This year’s production of Puss in Boots is just as epic; packed with as much laughter, fun and pantomime traditions you can cram into a show that runs for nearly 3 hours. This year they’ve taken a show which hasn’t been performed at the Belgrade Theatre in many years. It’s in fact the only production of Puss in Boots around the area this festive season and it’s been created with the entire family in mind to enjoy and love. 

Puss in Boots takes us on a thrilling adventure like no other! Beginning in the town of Baggy Bottom on the Bag things are looking bleak. An evil ogre and his henchman Victor Grabitt are in control of the entire town - even the King- and one of their first wicked deeds is kicking out Simon and his mother Matilda Pudding out of their home. However, with the transformation of their cat into Puss in Boots, she promises to help the poor Pudding family save their home and make them as rich as royalty by embarking on a crafty quest to rid of the ogre and Victor Grabbitt. Of course, it’s not that straightforward because Victor hears of their plans and schemes with the ogre to stop them in their tracks. I’ll let you figure out or see the conclusion of the story..

Belgrade Theatre really knows how to put on a pantomime like no other in the country and continue to thrill and excite their audiences over the years. Puss in Boots is definitely keeping up that reputation with some hilarious audience participation and a good singalong to get you involved with all of the action! There’s nothing to dislike in this show because the delivery is exceptional and it’s a pantomime that keeps on giving.

Iain Lauchlan once again steals the show in his elaborate costumes and natural ability to have the audience in fits of laughter. Craig Butterworth, another household name to the Belgrade Theatre during the festive season is fantastic as Simon Pudding. He executes his lines well and is loved by the younger audience as his raps as his alter-ego Baggy Bee! And this year he finally bags the princess- wahoo! The Belgrade Theatre would be lost without this duo and it’s their collective hard work and passion which makes the pantomime the success that it is! 

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In the shoes of Puss is Joanne Thorne who delivers a delightful performance, even when Butterworth and Lauchlan sometimes make it difficult to keep in role. Thorne handled it well!

A pantomime would not be without a baddie and this year it’s down to Peter Watts to deliver the goods and he definitely does. He is wickedly fantastic as Victor Grabiit and I enjoyed his embodied of the physical comedy as well as doing it verbally. He was great fun to watch and loved lapping up the boos and hisses from the afternoon audience. 

As well as the main cast this year’s ensemble were just as fantastic, every year young performers audience to be part of the pantomime experience and this year they’re just as fab as previous years. They light up the stage with their energetic choreography and are enjoyable to watch. 

This year’s pantomime at Belgrade Theatre is an unmissable event in your festive plans! It’s always a highlight of the season for me and Puss in Boots was definitely no different.


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