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In the day Emmie works in a primary school where she is passionate about inclusion and mental health. In the evening she escapes to the cultural world.

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January Joys.

Leicester, UK
I mean I know people reckon January is longer than a game of Monopoly but I feel like this month has gone how I'd like it to until mental health reared its ugly head and the last week was definitely a write off Although I'm still not into the whole going to work in the pitch dark and freezing constantly, it's been a month where I've enjoyed the nights in over being out all of the time. I have also started to notice a glimmer of blossom on the trees in my area and it's not pitch black at 4:30pm, HOORAY!

One of my plans this year was to bring back a monthly roundup type post, whether it's been good or bad I want to use this post as an opportunity to reflect on the month that has finished. These are also the posts I enjoy reading the most from other bloggers, especially if it includes the opportunity for some new reading or TV recommendations! 

I genuinely believe January is one of the best months for TV and I've enjoyed lots of new programmes this month. I've barely sat at my laptop for longer than a few hours a week because I've been totally gripped by what I am watching. Some of my favourites this month have been Line of Duty, Cheer, AJ & The Queen, Love Island, White House Farm, Deadwater Fell and Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

M E E T I N G   F R I E N D S  O L D  A N D  N E W
One of the goals for myself this year was to meet new friends and reconnect with the old. My focus in life is sometimes on other things like my career or saving ££. I'm determined to create a better work/life balance for myself by making sure I have plans to meet up with friends. January has been successful for me so far with that - I've been making new friends over on Bumble (one of which I met for a drink at my local pub recently and it was great!) and spending time with friends over lunch, dinner or generally catching up over the phone. I know I definitely need to begin making plans for February soon!

R E A D I N G 
I've loved making a start on my 2020 reading goal of 50 books this month by managing to read at least 5 books! I've read a book a week and it's been great - I've loved getting home in the dark evenings and sitting with a book after dinner or whilst relaxing in the bath. One of my most unforgettable reads of the month was Cilka's Journey by Heather Morris.

I enjoyed a Sunday spontaneous trip to Matlock in January. I want to really explore the Peak District more this year (especially because it is on my doorstep) and we got things kicking. I loved checking out the various antique shops here, wandering the tiny streets and tucking into a delicious Sunday roast. I need to get Matlock Bath next on my list as it's not far from Matlock and it looks like a beautiful spot to explore.

I've wanted to get back into physical activity for some time now and fortunately for me my neighbour is a Yoga teacher. This month I have been going to yoga classes on Saturday mornings and they've been the perfect way to kickstart my weekened! I've loved being able to shut off from my responsibilities in the world for an hour to focus on my yoga practice and myself. I'm enjoying how it makes me feel after every session and can't wait to get into more of it in February and beyond.

V I S I O N  B O A R D 
This year I jumped on the hype and created a vision board for myself for the year ahead. There's so much I would like to achieve or work towards, therefore being able to see it visually is really beneficial. It's my laptop background so it acts like a great reminder of where I'm heading this year.

L U M E E 
To give my body a helping hand during these darker mornings I got my hands on a refurbished Lumie Bodyclock. The products are usually quite pricey but managing to get one for £37.00 was an absolute steal. I've loved using the sunrise feature every morning and it's really benefited my wellbeing in the mornings before work.

O N L I N E  C O U R S E 
This month I have been getting stuck into an Online Course for my own CPD. I have really missed learning and having something academic to focus on so being able to channel that through a course has been great - I've been doing a module or two a week (usually over the weekend) and I'm learning so much already. What's great about these online courses is that they're CPD accredited and enable me to look beyond my job role right now. I've even got some courses bookmarked for afters! I want 2020 to be a year of "learning" and I think I'm doing that already!  

B I G  B I R M I N G H A M  B A K E  O F F
My first big blog collaboration of the year was a trip to Birmingham Bake Off. It was great fun, we baked some doughnuts and got to explore a little bit of Digbeth (although it was chucking it down!). It's something that I would genuinely recommend for others to have a go at. I've been saying for months that we should bake more and I think this event has definitely done that for us.

Tell me some of your January Joys! 


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