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𝘼𝘿 | The Big Birmingham Bake.

Digbeth, Birmingham, UK
[gifted experience]

Midlands fans of the hit show, The Great British Bake Off will be delighted to hear of the Big Birmingham Bake that's arrived in Digbeth this year. There are 90 minutes on the clock to create the winning bake of the session! The Big Bake team provide you with all of the ingredients, there's a top baker at your side for moral support, a monthly baking theme and a fantastic experience to enjoy with your loved ones!

We were kindly invited over to give it a try and it was definitely a great way to kickass any January blues we had. The monthly bake for our visit was doughnuts, which is undoubtedly my favourite sweet treat of all! Digbeth where the tent is situated a 8-minute walk from Birmingham's Bullring, the centre of the busy city.

The tent has a small area where you can sit and a bar where you can grab yourself a refreshment before or after your experience. It's a great place to suss out your competition too ;)!

The process of baking is really simplistic and easy to follow thanks to the instructions and already weighed out ingredients on the benches. The creation station situated at the front allows you to really get stuck into the creative process and make your bake something special. There were so many different things to choose from including; sprinkles, oreos, pink wafers, banana chips and more. Not only that but within the creation station, there's an array of different flavours to sample and colourings if you fancied adding something different into your bake.

Me and Jordan don't really bake in our home so this was definitely a new activity for us. Despite a little argument about flavours (typical) we managed to really enjoy working collectively to create bakes to be proud of. We decided to go for butterscotch cream to fill our dome doughnuts whereas our others were drizzled in plain yellow icing and dressed with crushed oreos.

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For 90 minutes there was humming in the tent as the four other teams on our experience worked their magic in creating their doughnuts. There was a real mix of participants here; including mothers and daughters as well as best friends. This is the perfect inspiration for a date night in Birmingham or a something to do with the family in Birmingham too. The mix of people meant that there were different levels of baking ability too.

The 90 minutes spent in the tent passed us by pretty quickly, considering we finished our baking with 20-minutes to spare. Thank heavens for a bar on-site to enjoy a quick beverage before it was time for the important part, the testing. I was definitely impressed with our end result, especially as we're not a couple to cook regularly. During our experience head baker Emma was always on hand to guide you through the baking and had the role of deciding on the winner. I mean it's probably the best part of the job right?

When the bakes were placed on the front bench, we realised how different they were from one another. I mean we came out third so we didn't do too badly did we? We were able to take our doughnuts after so they were great to enjoy with a cuppa!

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I mean if you're looking for a hen party idea in Birmingham or a corporate event with a difference then I would definitely recommend The Big Birmingham Bake to suit your needs! We had such a blast on our visit and are already thinking about when we can make the plan to go again this year. 

Tickets for this event start at £39.50 and you can find out more by visiting their website to book your tickets


  1. This sounds like so much fun! As a huge bake off fan I would love to do this!

  2. Me and Josh are going to this next week and omg I can't wait. I'm super glad I've read a little more about it though because we're not the type to bake at home either...so I was worried about that!

    Looks like you really enjoyed yourself so yay!

    Sarah x


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