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In the day Emmie works in a primary school where she is passionate about inclusion and mental health. In the evening she escapes to the cultural world.

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𝘼𝘿 | Inspiration for Wellbeing Escapes.

AD: Collaboration with Wellbeing Escapes. 

One of my personal goals in 2020 is to bring more attention to my wellbeing. Whether that's by joining a local activity, scheduling in self-care days or taking a moment to reflect; 2020 is the year to do that. What I didn't know would intrigue me and bring attention to it further is Wellbeing Escapes. Wellbeing Escapes are an award-winning holiday service and the UK's most established and largest wellbeing holiday company providing customers with genuinely reviewed, tried and tested wellbeing retreats and holidays throughout the world, but also on our doorstep within the UK too. 

Founded over 11 years ago by Stella Porti, who longed for an opportunity to arise where the break would make her feel better on every level. The Wellbeing Escapes website has a fantastic variety of retreats and holidays available, all suitable to your individual needs. 

The Solo Wellbeing Holidays are a fantastic chance for you to focus on yourself and escape the stress and anxiety that everyday life can pack with it. If you are on a quest to become more sociable there's the singles spa holidays; here you can unwind but also socialise with other fellow solo travellers and enjoy group fitness classes like yoga and walking. Some of the solo wellbeing holidays also include social and sharing tables at meal times too. 

Did you know that there are 38 health benefits of yoga including more protection for your spine, helps you focus and lowers blood sugar? Which is why a Yoga and Meditation escape with Wellbeing Escapes may be up your street! I'm really enjoying my yoga practice in 2020 so this would be right up my street. The Wellbeing Escapes team have a fantastic list of the Top Yoga Holidays in Europe and I'm obsessed with the look of the one in Greece and Slovenia. Book me a ticket already! 

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Maybe you want all of your family to engage in their wellbeing in 2020? Wellbeing Escapes also have a fantastic range of Family Wellbeing Holidays too. These wellbeing holidays are a perfect opportunity to bring your family together and introduce elements of wellbeing to your little ones by experiencing of the company's carefully designed 'Flexible Family Connect programmes' that are available at a select number of child-friendly wellness resorts. There is fantastic flexibility and choice at Wellbeing Escapes, with the opportunity to try out new activities as a family whilst benefiting from an included complimentary family activity like family yoga, a family cooking lesson or a creative family experience. With mental health in young people on the rise in the UK, this would be a very beneficial holiday for the entire family to enjoy and experience together. 

Wellbeing Escapes really do have an amazing list of destinations under their belt too - the likes of Sri Lanka, throughout Europe and in the UK. There is really no other selection of wellbeing holidays around the world and within the UK with a team behind it like this. 

You can find out more about Wellbeing Escapes by visiting their website here


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