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9 Musical Theatre Podcasts To Listen To Right Now.

You probably aren’t the only person right now who is attempting to fill their days with as much normality and fun as possible, in an attempt to ignore the fears radiating out from the media. Sadly the theatres are shut across the county right now and people are finding ways to navigate around this change whilst also keeping the industry thriving. One of those ways, and definitely something I am personally engaging with is podcasts.

Ofcom reported last year that around 7.1 million people in the UK now listen to podcasts each week, which is incredible. It’s really easy to access, I have Google Podcasts on my phone as well as Acast which is a free service to use. There’s an incredible amount of podcasts out there covering an incredible amount of topics but the musical theatre ones are most definitely the ones I engage with the most. There are more American-based podcasts than UK but I’ve managed to dig deep, spend a lot of time listening to some episodes and picked out the 8 Musical Theatre Podcasts You Should Listen To Right Now. 

Most (if not all of these podcasts) are available to listen to through Spotify, Google and Apple

Musical Splaining
A new discovery but one I know will be a firm favourite this year, Musical Splaining. Hosted by Lindsay Ellis and Kaveh Taherian.  This podcast is for people who love musicals and also for those who hate them. A lot of their content is Broadway based but it’s an easy watch and has definitely had me laughing quite frequently. 

The AMusical Podcast
I have been listening to this podcast for MONTHS and it’s definitely one I recommend to fellow theatre lovers. Hosted by Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Dave Cribb and Jayde Adams who host comedians on their podcast to discuss their favourite musicals. It has a lot of funny moments and some fantastic opportunities to sing along to some show tunes!

Musical Talk - The UK’s Independent Musical Theatre Podcast
This weekly podcast is devoted to sharing all the news, videos, reviews, interviews and more devoted to musicals and film. They have over 600 episodes under their belt already! One to listen to if you like to keep up with the latest news in the theatre world.

Post-Show Drinks by Encore Radio
Encore Radio is undoubtedly my favourite station for a musical fix! This series showcases actors from the West End and beyond. This series explores pre-show rituals to funny bloopers and magical musical moments. 

Jim and Tomic’s Musical Theatre Happy Hour
A podcast of musings on Musical Theatre and babbling about Broadway.  

The Musicals and Theatre Podcast
Magic FM’s Alice Arnold takes lead on this podcast. She speaks with a writer, composer, producer or performer from the world of theatre and musicals. It’s a great insight podcast into all of the foundations of a show and it’s a podcast I enjoy digging into for a binge-listen every now and again. 

What The Musical 
If you are a self-confessed theatre nerd or newbie, this podcast is just for you. Join Chelsey and Tara as they discuss musicals and all of their glorious facts on What The Musical. 

Theatre Club Podcast
A group of friends discuss theatre over cocktails in the Theatre Club Podcast. They review a wide range of London theatre and create delicious cocktails inspired by them. Sounds like great fun to me!

Goodversations Theatre Podcast

Hosted by Alexandra Pehako, Goodversations is a podcast filled with a collection of honest conversations with inspirational voices within the theatre industry. If you enjoy listening to people chat about their careers, then Goodversations is the perfect tool for that! One of my favourite episodes recently include the one when Alexandra chats to Marcus Harman about Dear Evan Hansen, I saw him in the production at the end of last year so enjoyed the insight into his role even more.

What will you be listening to next? 

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  1. I've never been much of a podcast person but I'm rapidly running out of TV shows so will give some of these a listen!

    Abi | https://whatabigailsays.co.uk/


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