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REVIEW | The Sound of Music, LAOS

Market Pl, Loughborough LE11 3EB, UK

The Sound of Music 
Loughborough Town Hall ★★★★★

One of Loughborough's well-established amateur theatre companies, LAOS takes on one of Rodgers and Hammerstein II's most loved musicals, The Sound of Music as their first production in 2020. I am extremely fond of the show as some of my earliest memories of this musical are watching it on VHS with my grandparents. I most certainly gave it a lot of love and would often choose it from their movie cupboard when I spent time with them. The show is definitely one that sits within a special place in my heart. 

Probably most known for the 1965 film which starred Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music became the fifth highest grossing film of all time. Based on a memoir of Maria von Trapp, we are transported to 1938 Austria on the eve of Nazi Germany taking its stronghold on the country. Those who are unaware of the story, it centres around a spirited and gentle young woman, Maria. Maria has bold ambition of becoming a nun but it is derailed when she becomes governess to the formidable von Trapp children. The children quickly takes a hold of Maria's attention, and it's not long before she falls not only in love with the children but their widowed father. The stern Captain von Trapp. He is ordered to accept an order to join the German navy, but he opposes the Nazis and their overwhelming hold over Austria and its people.

It's no doubt in my mind that this production was far more enjoyable than watching the Sound of Music UK tour a few years ago. The level of professionalism and creativity that has been injected into this show is clearly demonstrated, it was no surprise then that the audience warmed easily to the recognisable characters and the unforgettable sound score. I couldn't stop looking at older people in the audience who tapped along to the music and wore smiles on throughout the show.

This production includes the recognisable sound score, including Do Re Mi, Climb Ev'ry Mountain and Sixteen Going on Seventeen. Thanks to the 17 piece orchestra this soundtrack came alive with an incredible impact on the entire production. The LAOS creative team are embedded within the show as performers too, showing their true commitment to the success of their shows.

Collectively the cast is well-rehearsed and executes the musical well. Each member contributes well to the level of professionalism and beautiful vocal ability in order to reach the more difficult musical numbers within the show. Although this production is quite lengthy, LAOS have managed to create something which moves at a comfortable pace without losing the main threads, and the wonderful snippets of humour integrated into some of the scenes too.

At the helm as the leading lady, Sarah Hender is west end worthy at Maria. She perfectly captures the spirit and delicacy of Maria's character, with gorgeous vocal tones in there too. Hender has a natural motherly instinct and connection with the children that is really endearing within the story, as well as managing to take a hold of centre stage whenever she is on. Jeremy Malpas stands well beside her as the proud and loyal gentleman that Captain von Trapp is. Malpas manages to capture the loyalty to Austria and the protection over his family which the Captain poccesses as well as the more sensitive sides that are so pinnacle to the story. Of course, The Sound of Music wouldn't be without the 7 von Trapp children and my goodness this bunch knew how to steal the show. The local young children are well rehearsed and professional through every breath of their performance and the audience fell in love with their charm instantly. Each child encapsulated their individual character well and their performance of Do Re Mi was definitely my favourite of the evening. 

LAOS provided me with a heartwarming night at the theatre needed to welcome in Spring.


  1. Awesome!! I absolutely love the songs in that musical - so heartwarming!

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