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𝘼𝘿 | How To Spread Joy To Others Right Now..

Leicester, UK
We all know that we're still living in uncertain times, being in isolation is tough for everyone. We're all experiencing the highs and lows that it brings on a regular basis and trying to process what that feels for us. Spending a lot of time at home is mentally and physically demanding, although we're fortunate in this country that we're still able to go out for exercise. Not going to lie, being able to get outdoors right now is a huge saviour for me mentally and brings me such joy! Although there are definitely individuals who don't take isolation "too" seriously and that's frustrating for the rest of us. 

However, one particular thing that has been getting me through this, and is something I want to implement more into my life after this is over is spreading joy out towards others. I know I need to look after my own self during this time, of which I do, but it's also great to look after others. I love being able to do a little something for my friends and family in this tough time, and even strangers, especially when it's so unexpected on their side and they receive something from you that you didn't expect. 

So here it goes, here are a few things you can do to spread joy right now..

Send a letter/postcard.
There is something so beautiful and authentic about putting a pen to paper and writing to your loved ones. There are great online services that create personalised postcards for you or purchase some gorgeous postcards to handwrite from your home. It serves as a great pick me up for your loved ones, as well as being a lovely keepsake of this time that we won't be forgetting for the foreseeable future. Also, keep an eye for pen pal services which are starting to emerge, these are a fantastic way of writing to a stranger that may need someone to talk to right now. I'm on my local theatre's list and waiting for a match, I can't wait to begin writing to someone. 

Send someone a gift through their Amazon wishlist.
This idea has been floating all over Twitter in recent weeks as people share their Amazon wishlists in the hope of receiving a gift from one of their followers. I participated a few weeks ago and received some candles and books from my followers, it instantly lifted my mood and I also sent some out too. It can be quite an expensive venture if you go in too deep so I kept my budget to a minimum and sent gifts to those people I follow who work in the NHS particularly as I wanted them to know of my appreciation during this tough time. 

Send flowers in the post.
There's nothing quite like sending out flowers in the post during this time and there are so many services out there who deliver flowers onto your doorstep. They are so simple to order and arrive quite quickly at the homes of your loved ones, there's something immediately uplifting about fresh blooms in your home that I always enjoy. Moonpig has a fantastic range of Letterbox Flowers that can be delivered next day to your doorstep or one of your loved ones. I ordered myself some peonies to try out the service for myself and I wasn't disappointed. The flowers arrived within days of my order, placed on my doorstep and have been blossoming well over the past week. They smell gorgeous too! 

Moonpig has kindly allowed my followers to get 25% off flowers until the 25th May. Order them through the app here and use the code 'APP25BLOOM' at the checkout. 

Buy your neighbour a Sunday lunch.
I don't think there's anything nicer than receiving some food on your doorstep and during this time, it's really good to support local independent businesses to stay on their feet. The other week we brought a Sunday roast from a local provider to our neighbour, it was very tasty and it felt amazing knowing that I gave something for someone to enjoy (and saved on all of the dishes for one night which is always a winner!) 

Hold a Bingo/Quiz night for your colleagues or friends.
One of the things I have been doing on a weekly basis since lockdown is hosting the social nights for my work colleagues. It's been great fun to check in with a group of people from work, enjoy some games of Bingo or a Quiz. It's also given me a creative task each week to focus on, my favourite night so far has been hosting a 80s music bingo! I participate in quizzes and bingo nights quite frequently and love getting my friends, with likeminded interests to join me. It's a fantastic excuse to chat over a video call whilst playing too. 

Get involved in volunteering.
There are many ways of getting involved in numerous volunteering opportunities right now and it's a great way of doing your bit for the community in a crisis. Whether that's being someone over the phone to chat to, delivering food/medicine or getting involved in making things accessible to those who can't access specific services to them.  

Check-in regularly with friends and family.
Checking in with our friends and family can be the simplest thing to participate in but the most effective. We're all going through the same thing but are all managing it differently. Checking in with people right now is really important, even if it's just a text to ask how they are doing? or asking whether they'd like a phone call sometime in the week. I have been checking in with the same people on a weekly basis but also remembering that I have to reach out to people through my social platforms too. Remember too that you don't need to discuss the ins and outs of the current pandemic but share some of your joys outside of that. 

Send someone your favourite uplifting music playlist.
'studies have shown that music can buoy your mood and fend off depression' so send your loved one of your favourite feel-good playlists to lift their mood! The songs to put a 'Spring' in your step playlist from the Zoella team is one I've been listening to loads and thoroughly enjoying in the garden! 

Send or recommend a book you've really enjoyed recently. 
I LOVE reading so this is right up my street, especially when I am reading more in lockdown. Send your friend/family one of the books you couldn't put down recently and urge them to enjoy it too! There's such a joy about reading a book your friend loved that I really love experiencing. 

What ways are you spreading joy to others right now? 
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  1. Love all these suggestions, Emmie! I love Moonpig flowers - I often use them for Mother's Day! It's SO important now to spread the love where you can!


    1. Thanks lovely, they're brilliant quality aren't they? I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely use them again in the future for gifts. Aboslutely, I couldn't agree more. The smallest gesture could go the longest way right now.

      Emmie x

  2. My friend sent me a box of Moonpig flowers after my Grandad had passed away and they were beautiful and lasted for so long! I've been buying people things from their Amazon wishlist as I think it's a great to cheer them up! All the other suggestions are kind and lovely ideas too! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. Hi Lucy, thanks for your comment lovely. What a lovely gesture from your friend, they're such good quality and for the costs too! I think Amazon wishlists have been lovely over the past few weeks.

      Emmie x

  3. I love this! I've had some lovely parcels come through the door this week from friends and I think it's time to give them something back, I've found lots of small shops that I want to use but I know how happy people are when flowers arrive at the door, so I'll be making use of the discount code - thank you!

    Sarah x

    1. Thanks lovely girl! Ah how fantastic, I know you've been feeling a bit down so hopefully those parcels really perked you up! No problem Sarah, let me know what flowers you purchase for them :)

      Emmie x


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