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Thespie - A New Home For Theatre.

Leicester, UK

On Thursday 21 May an article by Sonia Friedman made it to the Telegraph, 'Theatre stands on the brink of ruin' that genuinely brought me to tears. This article served as a stark reminder that these are frightening and uncertain times for the future of British Theatre. For the last couple of months we've been discovering new ways to enjoy theatre from the comfort of our homes, whether that's participating in a musical quiz with your friends or filling your evenings with a show (or two) streamed thanks to theatres up and down the country. Although it's definitely not been the same and I cannot wait to sit in an auditorium again. 

However, the amount of content out there and keeping up with it is overwhelming, to say the least. But something has been launched recently that will definitely be a game-changer in the upcoming weeks and months. Thespie is the brand new home for theatre and is exactly what all thespians need to immerse themselves into. This platform wants to be home to the most trusted way to access lots of the theatre, all in one place and right at your fingertips. 

Launched recently, this new theatre discovery platform showcases more than just 1,000 theatre shows. There's are also some great resources for you to dig into including podcasts, student guides, playlists, activities, and more. Thespie allows us as a community to still be connected to theatre and the arts until it's safe for us to sit in the audience again. 

There's a whole host of theatre shows to dig into that will keep you busy for hours. Venues such as the National Theatre, Sadler's Wells and the Royal Court Theatre have their performances listed here. shows like Fleabag and Hamilton are here too! What makes Thespie such a unique discovery platform is that users can filter shows to their individual genre preferences, browse for specific moods, and build a bespoke menu of theatre experiences you can enjoy at your leisure. 

Thespie is the platform we've all been after to organize ourselves better amongst the amount of content on offer right now. I've loved scrolling through the hundreds of stuff and digging into whatever my heart requires. Theatre may not be the same for a while, but there are ways that we can certainly keep it alive! Thespie is an excellent platform and I would recommend that you dig in and see what it has to offer! 

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