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6 Reads To Get Your Fix of Theatre.

London, UK
The world of is not limited by what goes on behind the curtain. The industry has been captivating the minds and interests from their audiences for hundreds of years and even in isolation, people are incredibly passionate about the lights going back on in theatres up and down the country. If you are one of those people who really enjoys the theatre as well as the opportunity to delve into a good book then this list is for you. This list will point you in the direction of learning from the theatrical creatives of our time. Some of these books I have read for myself and some I am working my way through or picking up when I fancy a change to my normal reading preferences. 

London Theatres by Michael Coveney
Michael Coveney, a leading theatre critic, invites you on a tour of 45 theatres that make the London theatreland what it is today. It includes stories of the architecture, the people and the productions which have defined it. The photographs by Peter Dazeley are gorgeous and it gives you a real feel for the little details that probably go unappreciated. It's the ideal book for theatre fans to enjoy! 

A Dancer in Wartime by Gillian Lynne
Gillian Lynne is one of the world's greatest choreographers, known for her contribution to 'Cats' and 'Phantom of the Opera', two of the longest-running shows in Broadway history. A Dancer in Wartime tells the story of a young girl aspiring to be a ballerina during the Blitz. It's a fantastic tale of her developing career and the relationships which were vital to her growing up. It was a book I was gripped to from the very beginning as Gillian Lynne's story is so inspirational. 

The Time-Traveller's Guide to British Theatre; The First Four Hundred Years by Aleks Sierz and Lia Ghilardi 
Ever wondered where it all began for British theatre? This book takes us on a time-travelling journey back 400 years, exploring the foundations of British theatre and how it developed from the 1550s to the 1950s. The Time-Traveller's Guide to British Theatre tells us about the movers and the shakers, the buildings, the playwrights, the plays and the audiences which have made theatre in Britain what it is today. 

National Theatre: All About Theatre
The National Theatre has put together a fascinating book that shows how iconic plays from within their building, like 'War Horse' are made. The book includes interviews with famous directors and actors who have performed at the National Theatre over the years. If you are interested in backstage careers, they cover every aspect of stagecraft including prop-making, set building and lighting design from first idea to final curtain, a book which is fabulous for aspiring industry makers to get stuck into!

The Thespian's Bucket List: 1001 Stagey Things To Do Before Kicking The Bucket
Probably one of the best books to get ahead of when the theatre's reopen after the lockdown! This book is an interactive checklist of 1,001 theatre-related things to do in your lifetime. On these pages are plays to read, musicals you must see, theatres to visit, and other fun surprises. There is definitely enough in this book to keep you busy for years. 

Musicals by Kurt Ganzl
This was a charity shop find in Lincolnshire last summer and has come in handy for some context information for my reviews since. This chunky book takes us on an illustrated journey of the world's most popular live entertainment; musicals. Musicals contains over 300 photographs featuring the milestones of this art form, their creators and innovators. There is also a nod to the musicals that have made a successful transition from stage to screen over time.

Have you read any of these theatre books?

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  1. These are some great suggestions! I'm sure so many people miss going to the theatre. I was going to see more performing arts than usual before this happened so I'm sad they've had to shut for so long but that first theatre trip back after lockdown is going to be wonderful! x



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