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Hamilton, Disney+ Review.

Leicester, UK


Hands down probably the most anticipated release on Disney+ since its release in 24 March, Hamilton. Featuring the original Broadway cast, this 2016 recording was back when the show was in its element, before it went on to tour and even transferred here in the UK in 2017. This landmark musical from Lin-Manuel Miranda has made earthquakes since it began, Hamilton has received the most nominations for any musical, winning 11 of the 16 Tony awards in its history. The soundtrack which I have listened to repeatedly has become the highest-selling 'cast recording' album of all time.  Disney+ gave me the opportunity to see one of the most popular and most critically-acclaimed musicals ever made and see whether it lived up to its hype for me.

Hamilton tells the dramatised life of Alexander Hamilton, who rises from poverty in the West Indies to become Secretary to the Treasury in the first cabinet assembled in America. We experience his role in building the nation's government, his marriage, his fatherhood, his political downfall and finally his death. Hamilton is the origin story of a country but also with Alexander Hamilton's determination, it's a moving story from the start. 

What makes Hamilton more iconic is Miranda's blend of hip-hop, rap, and classic musical theatre, and the script's indirect linking of the US fight for independence with its current state of racial inequality, raised profound questions about contemporary America. Fusing all of these elements together within a musical makes it something remarkable and to be able to access it from home is incredible stuff. 

This musical also uses a multi-racial cast and features them as key figures in American history, which is a powerful element of telling this story. Hamilton has moments of joy and emotional ones too, the finale 'Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story' will stay with you long after the show has finished. 

Collectively the casting of the 2016 production are stellar and unforgettable. It was great to be able to experience Lin-Manuel Miranda take on the leading role as Alexander Hamilton in the show he was writer and lyricist for. He was superb and really captured the many levels of Hamilton's determined character to the more vulnerable sides. Phillipa Soo who plays Eliza Hamilton has an incredible vocal range and emotion in undertaking this character, her rendition of Burn is my favourite song in the show. Jonathan Groff delivers great humour elements in his role as King George III but the entire delivery of this unbelievably talented cast is something to really enjoy in this production. 

I absolutely loved every moment of this show and although I miss the theatre a lot, I feel very fortunate to be in a position where I can access some of this magic still. 

Watch Hamilton on Disney+ right now! 


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