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The Great British Drive In

Staffordshire, UK
It seems that all hope was lost when it came to having a summer this year. Things are slowly changing and options for things to do this summer in the East Midlands are developing, which of course is really exciting after being in lockdown for weeks. One of the best ideas I've come across is the option for a drive-in theatre and it feels like we're stepping back into history here.

Drive-ins have been around as early as the 1910s, but the first licensed drive-in was opened in New Jersey on June 6, 1933. The success that Richard Hollingshead had with New Jersey increases the numbers of drive-ins to appear in every state in the country, as well as internationally too. They gained more of their popularity 20 years later during the 1950s and '60s which definitely give me Grease vibes! 

Going to a drive in is a fantastic option for a date night like no other, so imagine my excitement at the news of The Great British Drive In. Together with Digbeth Dining Club, a 10 week long festival of film, live entertainment and the finest street food you can get your hands on. 

Set in the beautiful grounds of Sandon Hall, Staffordshire, The Great British Drive In is a fantastic opportunity to watch some fantastic films on a 100 square metre LED screen and with your loved ones. The event will run 6 days a week (Tues-Sun) with a highly varied programme for all film buffs to enjoy between 3rd July - 13th September

The team behind the event have been working tirelessly over the past weeks to ensure all Covid 19 and social distancing measures have been carefully considered and implemented to ensure it's an enjoyable and safe experience for you. 

Before the film starts you have plenty of time to park and enjoy some food from the street food providers, which can be ordered online or at the venue. The audio for the film plays through a FM transmitter so will play through the car radio or any portable radio. It's definitely going to be like living in history and I'm so excited for it.

Some of my favourites on the bill for the festival include Grease, Harry Potter, Rocketman and more! You can check out what films are on offer here. If you're anything like me and want to add something to your diary to make this pandemic situation more bearable, The Great British Drive In is a sure place to start! 


  1. Wow this is such a cool idea! I've never been to a drive in but it sounds so fun x
    🌿 Marissa Belle × marsybun.com 🌿


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